sábado, 18 de abril de 2015

Iran/nuclear: there are different versions of the preliminary agreement

At least that's what ensures the Iranian Foreign Minister.

In an interview with Euronews, Mohammad Zarif spoke of differences to be overcome with a view to a final agreement. And, to Iran, the way certain terms were translated in the document presented by the West did not help.

"The United States, for internal reasons, and are entitled to do so, produced a factsheet which is not exactly the same which was adopted. So, the best thing for everyone is to leave to go into confrontation and negotiate and when we get the final agreement make it public and accessible to all "said Zarif.

Before the final agreement will need to reach a consensus with regard to sanctions. The United States admits the progressive lifting a chance already rejected by Tehran.

An interview to view in its entirety tonight on Euronews.

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Floods in Sao Paulo

The streets in various parts of the city were impassable due to water flow and flooding.

According to the Civil Protection, thousands of people were forced to abandon their homes to escape the floods.

The authorities reported that the main cause of the floods was the accumulation of garbage on the banks of the canal Rich.

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sexta-feira, 17 de abril de 2015

Festival de Cannes official selection features for 2015

Out of competition, "La Tête Haute" by Emmanuelle Bercot, with Catherine Deneuve in the lead role, will open hostilities.

The veteran Italian Nanni Moretti, already winner of the Palme d'Or in 2001, will present "Mia Madre", which addresses the questions of a filmmaker's creative crisis.

The countryman Paolo Sorrentino competes with "La Giovinezza", featuring two renowned actors: Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel.

The United States bring to the competition three titles, including the latest film by Gus Van Sant, "The Sea of Trees", with Matthew McConaughey and Naomi Watts in the lead roles.

Out of competition, Woody Allen will present "Irritational Man" and Natalie Portman arrives with "A Tale of Love and Darkness" the debut of the actress in the realization.

This edition of the Festival de Cannes pays tribute to Ingrid Bergman, which serve 100 years in 2015.

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Lack of financial and military means can precipitate fall of Ramadi

By air and by land, the support given to Iraqi troops in Ramadi is little to curb the radicals of the Islamic State

According to an official of the province of Al-Anbar, some parts of the city are being the scene of violent clashes, but lacks financial and military means.

The violence has already led to at least 2 thousand families abandon the site.

A day after having assumed control of several towns on the outskirts of Ramadi, the extremists are trying to get to the heart of the city.

Security sources give account of a suicide bombing by the Commissioner of police, followed by an exchange of gunfire that resulted in eight dead.

Intense are also clashes in Baiji, where are located the largest refinery in the country. Iraqi military source ensures that the army recovered two localities on the outskirts of the city that until this Thursday were in the hands of the extremists.

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Italy urges European solution to the question of the incidents in the Mediterranean

"" Mainly at European level we need to solve this emergency not as a country but as a Union "-Paolo Gentiloni, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs"

In Italy the increase in the number of deadly incidents at crossings of the Mediterranean is causing concern.

In the last five days have reached the country about 10 thousand clandestine travelers putting rescue services under unprecedented pressure.

In the latest incident, about 400 migrants have disappeared when the boat they were traveling sank in high seas.

"The Italy is committed to this issue which is not only an Italian issue. Mainly at European level we need to solve this emergency not as a country but as a Union, "said Paolo Gentiloni, head of European diplomacy.

The UN High Commissioner for refugees, António Guterres, claims that it is necessary to build capacity in order to avoid more tragedies in the Mediterranean.

"Incidents like the latest only demonstrate the importance of a robust mechanism to deal with this problem. Unfortunately, the Mare Nostrum initiative was not replaced by something with the same capacity ", said António Guterres.

However, the Libyan authorities announced Wednesday the arrest of 260 migrants within the territorial waters of the country, near the town of Misrata.

Travelers, mostly from Sub-saharan Africa, were in a boat towards Europe.

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quinta-feira, 16 de abril de 2015

"Xylella Fastidiosa": bacteria that kills oliveiras sensed near Paris

The contaminated plant will be "originally from Central America" and have entered the European Union "the Netherlands", according to the French authorities.

The bacteria has killed thousands of olive trees in the Italian region of Apulia and is worrying the producers of olive oil in Portugal, Spain, Greece and on the French island of Corsica, particularly close to the outbreak of the disease. Several of these countries called for emergency measures to Brussels, which should be decided by the end of the month.

The bacterium also attacks grapes and citrus fruits.

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The European Parliament calls on Turkey to acknowledge massacre of Armenians as "genocide"

Benedek Jávor, Hungarian MEP Greens argues that "it is a genocide. We know that we can't solve the conflict between the Nations, denying the facts or trying to change them. We have to face what happened in the past with honesty "

Emma Argutyan's Armenia and in Brussels said he believed that this decision of the European Parliament is an important step, which shows that the issue hasn't been forgotten and deserves a solution.

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