quarta-feira, 23 de abril de 2014

Still no sign of the MH 370 but "unidentified material" washed up from Australia

At the same time, "unidentified material" washed up, in Australia. The authorities are now checking whether the material collected by police on a beach around Augusta are wreckage of flight MH 370.

At a press conference, the Transport Minister of Malaysia reported that the searches were temporarily suspended because of bad weather, which could jeopardize the safety of rescue teams.

The Minister also announced the creation of an International Commission of inquiry that mission will be to "determine the cause of the accident so that similar disasters could be avoided in the future."

Off the coast of Perth, the area defined for the search for the Boeing 777 has been passed with a fine-tooth comb by a remote-controlled submarine equipped with sonar. But, so far, no sign of the plane that mysteriously disappeared on March 8, shortly after taking off from Kuala Lumpur heading for Beijing, with 239 people on board.

South Korea: increases the official number of dead in the sinking of the ferry Sewol

The official number of dead in the sinking of the ferry off the Sewol South Korea is 146, while divers are continuing their search to rescue more than 150 people missing, mostly secondary school students.

With the visibility in the water, the divers advance blindly in the maze of corridors and cabins of the "ferry" of four bridges fully submerged.

The South Koreans had trouble understanding that a tragedy of these dimensions may have happened in your country. Now the hopes of finding any survivors are practically nil and families press divers to recover the bodies as quickly as possible, before they get too damaged.

"The family had hope that there were survivors still inside the ship, but have started to give up the idea and accept the reality. Now I just want to recover the corpses for funerals. See this, breaks your heart, "said a priest.

The relatives of the missing focus every morning at the port of Jindo dog and await the arrival of rescue boats, of which are landed, the increasingly frequent intervals, the bodies recovered.

Ukraine: reverse flow of gas will be energy response of the West

"An American team is currently working in the region with Ukrainian colleagues to increase the short-term energy supply. I just got off the phone with numerous neighbors your talking about long-term improvements, so that no nation,-I want to be precise â€" for Russia never use energy as a political weapon against Ukraine and Europe, "said Biden.

One of the options to feed energy to Ukraine is from the so-called "reverse flow" of gas from Slovakia.

Mykhailo Honchar is American analyst Strategy XXI and asserts that "the reverse flow of gas from Slovakia's most urgent errands. This step may bear fruit this year â€" even if partially. And this is something that Ukraine needs a critically. That is why the position of the United States in this matter can encourage the Slovak Government to make this decision ".

The Russian State company Gazprom raises legal issues about the process of reverse flow.

terça-feira, 22 de abril de 2014

Russia: Medvedev minimizes damage of more international sanctions

The Russia is not concerned with the threat of being subjected to more international sanctions from the West. The possible aggravation of penalties left the United States for alleged failure to comply with the demands of Russian agreement reached with the European Union in Geneva last week, with a view to resolving the crisis in Ukraine.

A strategy known in times of crisis, the Russian Foreign Minister believes that this is the ideal time for new opportunities. Among them, specified in a speech in the middle of Dmitri Medvedev Russian Parliament, one of the ways is to find new customers in the East for energy exports, which is likely to be reduced in the West, although the diplomat consider "a bluff" the eventual increased EU import u.s. gas to reduce Russia's dependence on this sector.

"We are interested in diversifying exports. Now more than ever. Therefore, we are implementing solutions for oil and gas export to Asian countries and the Pacific. Particularly for China, but also for Japan and other countries, "said Medvedev.

The Geneva agreement also seems to be having little impact in improving relations between Moscow and Kiev. The same threat of u.s. sanctions led more, however, to Russia to answer this Tuesday with the eventual, and already mentioned previously, applying to Ukraine of a prepayment system on sale of gas.

In March are also unspecified retaliation from Moscow against VISA and MasterCard, both companies have credit associated to international sanctions on Russia and blocked some business transactions.

With Russia having already in development an alternative credit system, Medvedev believes that the performance of the two companies "is arguably a violation of existing agreements with these credit systems". "I believe that this can't go unpunished," adding it was, however, this conduct to serve as a stimulus to the creation of an alternative system of payments to credit.

USA reaffirm support for Ukraine

The vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, travelled to Kiev to support the Ukrainian authorities arm-wrestling with pro-Russian militias in the East of the country.

Biden was meeting this morning with the interim President of Ukraine, Alexandr Turchínov, and with the Prime Minister, Arseny Yatseniuk.

"The Ukraine is and will remain a country, from North to South in the West to the East. Us and rest of world will never recognize the illegal occupation of Crimea, "said Vice President of the United States

Biden's visit comes a day after a shootout in Donetsk region have done return the tension between Moscow and Kiev that have since accused each other.

Iraq: blood bath a few days of legislative

A few days before mid-term elections, violence between Shiites and Sunnis increases. In Baghdad four bombs exploded at different locations were killed at least 14 people.

In Suwayrah, a suicide bomber in a car laden with explosives, crashed into a police checkpoint. Five policemen were killed and seven civilians.

In Madain, another car bomb hit an army checkpoint, three soldiers and two civilians died.

Also in Mishahda Iraqi soldier died and in Latifiyah gunmen killed a civilian in a shootout.

It is the second consecutive day of unprecedented violence. This Sunday at least 18 people died in similar incidents throughout the country.

Ukraine: FOREIGN MINISTER condemns kidnapping of journalists upon arrival of Biden to Kiev

Biden, who is expected to meet with the President and the Ukrainian Prime Minister was received by the head of diplomacy. Andrii Deschytsia ensured that the intensive dialogue will continue and condemned the latest violent events in the East of the country.

"We believe that the Russians, like us, will condemn the extremist actions undertaken, notably the kidnapping of journalists and civilians. It's nothing more than terrorism, "said the Minister of Foreign Affairs (MNE) of Ukraine.

One of the journalists concerned is Irma Krat, a 29-year Ukrainian, detained Sunday by pró-russos militants in Sloviansk, and now authorized to speak to the media.

"They gave me food and drink. Nobody raped me. Sometimes, tried to frighten me. But if it had been something serious, I would have said, "assured the reporter returned then to the building where seven, although the kidnappers ensure that isn't owned.

The separatists, however, announced the release of a group of Ukrainian military captured last week in Kramatorsk, while still without news of another Ukrainian journalist who, according to family members, have been detained in Slaviansk.