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India: Men and women United against violations

Against violations and attacks with acid, several people â€" men and women â€" participated in a vigil on this second anniversary of a crime that prompted the world to the plight of women in India.

Dulce Days

Pakistan: finished bloodbath of kids at school from Peshawar

The last balance sheet also gives account of at least 122 wounded, 25 of them in critical condition.

Most victims are between 10 and 20 years, said a hospital source.

There are 6 registration guerrillas dead. The army announced 7 wounded soldiers.

During the morning, six men in military uniforms entered the school, run by the army, at a time when it is estimated that about 500 people were inside the establishment.

The hijacking lasted almost 10:0.

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The building was, however, surrounded by the army, which intervened about half an hour after the first shots and freed "a large number of hostages" â€" between students and teachers, without giving more details.

The Pakistani Taliban claimed the attack, which present themselves as retaliation for the military offensive launched in June in North Vaziristão, bastion of the terrorist group.

Schools and military installations are targets of Taliban attacks.

The Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, has already condemned the attack and promised that the culprits "will not be forgiven."

At the international level, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, condemned the attack as "odious".

USA: Authorities seek ex-marine who murdered 6 family members

The former Marine and war veteran in Iraq killed his ex-wife and mother before stealing two daughters for a few hours, before disappearing.

Police suspect may have been involved in at least three shootings in various locations during the day Monday.

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Belgium: Detained three of the hijackers in Gent

Around 8 a.m. local time, police received the alert: four armed men had entered an apartment of a city worker neighborhood and had made hostages. Later found out that this was just a hostage.

The owner of a stationery store in the neighborhood where the abduction occurred, explained that "a man entered the establishment, in my pajamas, asking for help to call the police because they had entered the apartment where she lives four armed men had taken hostage a friend".

About four hours later, 20 special forces agents managed to enter the House and detain three men. Were not disclosed information about the fourth suspect and about the hostage. This case, which is now being investigated, may be related to drug trafficking, as he explained the spokesperson of local authorities, Annemie Serlippens: "two or three of those involved are already referenced by this type of crime."

The neighborhood is one of the most problematic of the city in the North of the country and ensure that residents there have always been problems. "This was not the first time, won't be the last," underlines one of the residents.

Elite police's counter-terrorism operation in three regions of France

The same type of operation of arrests, arrests and seizure of material, was made in the Paris region and in Normandy.

This elite unit of the police, and the police anti-terrorist RAID had 10 targets. Until late in the afternoon did not know the number of detainees and there was no information on the number of jihadists has already shipped to Syria.

The France fears the return of these apprentices, once trained in training camps of Islamic radicals to come perform operations on its soil and in European soil in General. From the beginning of 2014, the number of accessions of young apprentices has increased 80%, according to the French Interior Ministry.

It is estimated that 400 party and that 200 more have expressed the desire to go. There are 120 200 returned already in transit, and some 50 people died.

Afghanistan: Ghani points while NATO Taliban batteries Pack

Were violent, the words of the President of Afghanistan in a speech in which Ashraf Ghani attacked the Taliban and asked all Afghans, including religious leaders, to help halt the violence at a time when NATO makes the bags to leave the country at the end of the month.

"Enough. This is unacceptable. Is against Islam. It's inhuman, "he raged Ghani before sending a message to the Taliban:" If they think they're going to break our will through terrorist actions, must know that Afghans have a common goal. We will never surrender to terrorism (...) The Afghanistan existed for 5,000 years and will continue to exist within other 5,000. Nobody will divide us, "said the head of State who, after two months in Office, has yet to present a Government.

Ghani wants religious and tribal leaders "say it loud" that violence is not acceptable, a tough speech at a time when Afghanistan lives a new wave of bloody attacks. The Afghan President also has plans for reviving a security force that existed in times of Government-backed by the Soviet Union in the years 80.

The NATO task force is already packing. Of the 130,000 soldiers who came to be in the country, from January, will be only 12,500, which will have the mission to train Afghan security forces.

Marco Lemos | With REUTERS, REUTERS, AFP.

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Japan: Abe should revalidate majority in the anticipated legislative

One hundred and five million voters were called to the polls, but it is feared a weak participation.

The Conservative Party of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should, according to polls, get a comfortable victory.

The elections were called last month for Abe, who returned to power two years ago to a second term as head of Government, having as a priority the Japanese economy to revive.

The strategy taken in 2012 began to bear fruit, but was losing effect and, in the third quarter of this year, Japan entered into recession.

However, distrust of the population in the face of opposition should allow the Conservative leader to maintain, with the centrist allies, the "super majority" in Parliament.

Rodrigo Barbosa | With AFP/REUTERS/LUSA