segunda-feira, 28 de julho de 2014

12:0 humanitarian ceasefire comes into force in Gaza

Israel and Hamas agreed to the request of the UN, but ensures that Israel will continue to search for tunnels used by Palestinian movement to reach its territory.

On the 19th day of conflict the United States Secretary of State, to visit to the region, led international efforts. For John Kerry, who has been meeting with the Arab League and the UN Secretary-General, in Egypt, we must go further:

"Right now we are working to get seven days of peace. Seven days of a humanitarian ceasefire on behalf of Eid. To bring people together and trying to work for a cease-fire more durable and sustainable in the long term ".

The Israeli authorities confirmed the death of two more soldiers in Gaza, bringing to 37 the number of victims among the effective army, and announced that the missing soldier in an ambush, for six days, is dead, although his body has not been found.

There is still mourning the deaths of three civilians in Israel, hit by roquetes launched from Gaza.

Situation in Gaza ignites protests of "Jerusalem Day" in Europe

Thousands of people demonstrated, this Friday, in various cities of Europe to mark the Quds day ", the day against the occupation of Jerusalem, imposed by Iran in 1979.

The protest featured, for the first time, with a record participation, inflamed by the situation in Gaza.

More than 2,000 people protested in Brussels against the Israeli offensive, a March, framed by the police and with the express prohibition of appeals to hatred and flags of groups considered terrorists, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah.

"This is not a war between Hamas, the Palestinians and Israel. It is a genocide. What's happening in Gaza is a war genocidiária. Are killing not only the natives of the region, but also civilians, "said a pro-Palestinian protester.

In Germany, about 1,200 people marched in Berlin, with slogans against the bombing in Gaza and the Israeli Government, dismissing the charges of anti-Semitism that Kindle, in recent days, the debate in the country.

The German Jewish community also organized two contra-manifestações in the capital.

"We are here to defend the right of existence of Israel, currently problematic. We cannot continue to treat the country as a ' bogeyman ' when it is not solely responsible for the current situation, "said a protester.

The protests have been marked by a moment of tension between pró-palestinianos and pró-israelitas, in the Centre of Berlin, quickly contained by police.

The United Kingdom and Austria were also the scene of demonstrations to mark "Jerusalem Day", when they are marked new protests against the Gaza offensive, this weekend in several European cities, as in Paris, where authorities were banning the protest for security reasons.

domingo, 27 de julho de 2014

Bombing makes 3 dead and dozens of wounded on Thailand

The engelho exploded around 8: 00 a.m. local 4:0 pm in Lisbon, in front of a hotel in Yala Province, near the border with Malaysia.

6100 people have died since the start of the separatist rebellion in 2004.

MH17: over 74 bodies sent to Holland

74 more urns with the remains of victims of flight MH17 left this morning the Kharkiv airport, in Ukraine, bound for Eindoven, the Netherlands.

In the Ukrainian city is this Friday the Australian Foreign Affairs minista. Julie Bishop announced sending for his country of 100 more cops, who will join the international security force led by the Netherlands, to watch over the area of the accident:

"It will be an integrated police force on a humanitarian mission. There will be experts in identifying the bodies, forensic technicians. And, of course, we will guarantee them safety and protection, "he explained.

This new group of cops will join 90 Australian agents awaiting in London the permission to leave for Ukraine.

The situation on the ground is chaotic. It was declared a fragile cease-fire in the fall of the appliance and, according to testimony from journalists, the wreckage have been accessible to many people of the region â€" rebels and simple living.

In Kuala Lampur, the city to which the flight was intended MH17, after Friday prayers, thousands of Muslims prayed for the quick return of the remains of the victims.

The Malaysia lost in this catastrophe 43 citizens.

Taiwan: President of TransAsia Airways apologizes to relatives of the victims

The President of the airline gave the condolences and apologized to the families of the victims.

GE flight 222 was the route between Kaohsiung, in the South of the country and Makong, on the island of Penghu. The aircraft crashed while attempting an emergency landing after aborting a first attempt to land due to bad weather.

The Board followed 60 people, a dozen ended up hospitalized.

On the island of Penghu continue cleaning operations, carried out by police officers, firefighters and military personnel.

sábado, 26 de julho de 2014

Ban Ki-moon condemns attack on school in Gaza

Palestinian officials blame Israel for the deaths of more than 15 people, including children, in the attack on a school, which housed several Palestinians refugees in the Gaza Strip. Israel responds by saying that's hindsight not ruling out the hypothesis of a ratchet of Hamas have caused the deaths.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations continues to seek the settlement of the conflict:

"I was shocked and horrified by what happened at the UN school in Beit Hanoun. Yes, totally unacceptable. I condemn, strongly. So I say to both the Israelis and Hamas, the Palestinians, that is morally wrong to kill its own people, "said Ban Ki-moon.

At the time of the attack several families were gathered in the school yard awaiting the arrival of a red cross vehicle that would collect them. The death of civilians continues, among Palestinians under Israel's accusations:

"Why combat continues? Why we get to where we're going? I think there's a simple explanation, which was given by the Foreign Ministers of the European Union in a statement a few days ago. Hamas is using their own civilians, Palestinian civilians as human shields, "said Yigal Palmor, spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Minister.

On the eighteenth day of the offensive Israeli troops are stationed near the border with Gaza.

More than 140 thousand Palestinians fled, many seeking shelter in buildings managed by United Nations relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees.

Israel buries another soldier killed in action

13 soldiers died that day, until today have lost their lives over thirty. An unparalleled number of Palestinians who have died, almost eight hundred.

In Tel Aviv, dozens of people demonstrated in solidarity with the Israeli army and the war against Hamas in Gaza:

"What we're doing here is to support the troops, supporting measures to abolish totally the terrorist group Hamas and, in doing so, we say yes to truth, Yes to moral rights, this is Israel," said Guy Zalmanovitz, one of the protesters.

On the sidelines of ceasefire, requests made by the international community, Israel continues to raid against Hamas. The Islamic resistance movement strikes back but Israel, backed by its anti-missile system, manages to avoid a massacre in its territory.