sexta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2014

Ukraine: refugees in their own country

"Many of my friends were in the Crimea, my grandparents, too. But since I moved here, I feel more free. "

Left the House ever, after the invasion by Russia. His family refused Russian citizenship, quickly sold the apartment of Sevastopol and bought a new, near Kiev, in a system of lease with option to purchase.

Natalia Mykhaylichenko, mother of the small Hrystynka:

"Currently there are too many refugees. How many people receive a real help? Someone proposed a place in a nursing home, a sanatorium. My husband, who is a very serious person, said: the country is in a State such that we cannot add our problems in this situation. Let's do what we can ".

Only a few refugees can settle with the ses own means. The State subsidizes only 20 to 25% of dwellings for refugees. One of the human rights militants, author of a bill adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament, which simplifies the administrative requirements of refugees, is Look Skripnyk, which denounces:

"Many employers ask to our civic center to convey the need for refugees to go to find the family booklet Donbas. They're asking people to return the territory in war. But, now, there's a law that says clearly that displaced persons can find work through a simplified route ".

The only articles of the Bill rejected by MEPs, who were assigned to the displaced persons the right to buy property on an equal footing with the locals, as well as those aimed at exonerating the tax aid to refugees at the national level. But international aid is not subject to customs fees. Another criticism made by Look Skripnyk:

"There will be no taxes for humanitarian aid from abroad, but humanitarian aid in the country, charge-if taxes"

In mid-October, the service of humanitarian protection and civil protection of the European Commission announced that more than 402 thousand people were displaced within the Ukraine and more than 472 thousand fled to neighbouring countries. Figures may be higher, due to the lack of a central service records.

IDPs in Ukraine

Even if the family of Serhiy enjoys a rent allowance, it doesn't get any serena that. Their main concern is the future. Everyone wants to go home, but it's still very dangerous. Security and peace must be the priority of the new Parliament and Government, recognizes Serhriy as well as economic recovery, because the war has destroyed the region. And concludes: "what we need is to focus on the economy and put an end to this war. And make all the laws are properly applied. "

A few minutes away from Kharkiv, the small town of Pisochyn has one of the largest schools in the region. Has about a thousand students. Some chose to study Russian as the main language; other, Ukrainian.

More than 40 children from the conflict zone are studying here. Svitlana Lukyanenko is a teacher. For her, the language was never a problem and do not understand what are the main reasons for the current conflict:

"The language is of no importance. We respect each other. Never had conflicts because of being from the East or the West of Ukraine ".

Many things have changed over the last six months, confesses that Reman, on the other hand, believes that nothing, yet, is irreparable; Despite the losses you can still move on. For this we need in-depth reforms and is what she expects from the new Parliament and the new Government:

"We have a lot of concerns, of course. The first, with the price of basic products. The gas and electricity invoices must arrive in November and just think about it terrifies us. the price of gas and hot water has increased a lot. Invoices will be heavy.

The real political aspirations of the leaders of Kharkiv are still a question mark. Some local politicians pró-russos and allies of the former regime are fighting for a seat in Parliament. Only the legislation will allow knowing if Kharkiv is ready for, or not, to trust in new institutions.


quinta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2014

Kurds wait for Peshmerga in Kobani

Under pressure from allies and with internal turmoil, caused by the Kurds of Turkey, Ankara decided to open the border to Iraqi Peshmerga.

"It's great to see that the Turkish Government will authorize the passage of the Peshmerga for Kobani. That God bless you, we're very grateful, "says a Kurdish refugee.

With the casualty list growing, it remains to be seen whether the Peshmerga have availability to act in Kobani, as leaders of the Kurdish Iraqi forces claim to be on the edge of capacity in other fronts.

In Turkey, Kurds, Syrians and Turks, they want more. "They should open the border for people of can not fight Kobane the Peshmerga. It's been a month and people have gone to the border but the Turkish Government did not pass to the other side, "says another Kurdish.

Ankara sees the Syrian Kurds with some suspicion because of possible links with the PKK, the group that fights for the rights of the Kurdish minority in Turkey and is considered a terrorist organization by the United States.

De Margerie: Russia loses an ally

Boss atypical, worthy of praise to both the right and left of the political spectrum, Christophe de Margerie did raise the French oil company Total to a level of modernity and won a place in the Sun among the four largest oil companies in the world.

Known as much for its strategic intelligence as the big mustache, de Margerie has always maintained close ties with Russia.

During the diplomatic war waged between the West and Moscow, de Margerie always opposed sanctions advising the maintenance of roads of dialogue.

"He wanted to maintain the dialogue between the French, the Russians, the international community and to Russia. It was something that always hit. He said the French Government, to Europe and to Americans. For him this was something extremely important, "says Emmanuel Quidet, President of the Chamber of Commerce and industry, Franco-Russian office which Christophe de Margerie was co-Chairman.

The sudden disappearance of this inescapable figure of French industry leaves a void difficult to fill on top of the biggest French oil group.

To Russia, for its part, also loses.

De Margerie's disappearance means the loss of one of the most privileged interlocutors of relations between the West and Russia.

Ukraine prepares for a winter without Russian gas

The Government approved a plan of measures to reduce consumption and population prepares as can.

"We are ready for winter. An inspection has been carried out to the classrooms and the Windows were replaced by enrgética efficiency question. Proteores were installed behind the radiators in the rooms ".

Forços efforts are important but the country needs Russian gas in order to ensure the functioning of its industry and economy without solid cuts.

"If we are talking about gas volume, then it will not be enough. But there is a concern with stored gas pressure. That pressure is likely to be insufficient for all winter. "

The Ukraine needs 30 billion meter cubes of gas for the six cold months but will receive only half.

A record 27.6 million cubic metres of gas was imported from Slovakia in October.

quarta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2014

Canadian police kill suspected terrorist

The incident happened in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, a small town near Montreal.

"All I can say is that the theory that this was a deliberate act is part of the things that we are examining, but it's too early now to make speculations about what were the intentions of the individual. Like I said at this point we are starting the investigation at the crime scene, we have to question witnesses, it is really too early to speculate. “

The 25-year-old man, identified as Martin Couture-Rouleau put away until he lost control of the vehicle, which flipped over.

One of the soldiers was hospitalized with serious injuries.

The incident is being investigated as a terrorist attack. Couture-Rouleau, a converted to Islam was known by the authorities for his radicalisation.

Ebola vaccines are on the way

The fight against Ebola wins new energy. Two major Labs propose two experimental vaccines. Eight hundred bottles donated by the Public Health Agency of Canada will be sent to Geneva where it will be distributed to clinical trial sites and stored in the hospital for further distribution in Africa.

Clinical trials will start in Lausanne by the end of this month.

"These tests will begin in the next two weeks. And we hope the "Chimp adinovírus", as well as the vaccine "VSV" initial immediate results. The test will be extended for six months to a year. To have insurance results we need to have a choice about the level of the dose until the end of this year. “

Other tests are currently underway in the USA coordinated by who. The British giant GlaxoSmithKline brought together a dozen volunteers to proceed to clinical trials.

After Senegal, the World Health Organization declared the virus free Nigeria after 42 days without registration of new cases.

Ebola has killed 4,546 people in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, the three countries most affected.