sexta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2015

Sheep with excess wool found in Australia

The animal, named Chris, will stray from the herd, for many years and been lost through the forests of the region without having been seen.

After being found, Chris was transferred to the Royal Society for the prevention of cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). Officials still thought of trimming the RAM but due to the high quantity of wool, five times more than usual, decided to call the national sheep shearing champion, Ian Elkins.

Once clipped, Chris underwent medical tests and is in good health.

The lamb was carrying 40.2 kg of wool.

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China will cut 300 thousand effective armed forces

The whole world could see the might of China through that that was one of the largest military parades in the country. More than 12 thousand soldiers paraded in front of Tiananmen Square, in Beijing, to mark 70 years since the victory over Japan in World War II. Next to the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, were other leaders like Vladimir Putin. The invitations addressed to Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, for example, had a negative response.

Despite all the apparatus, Xi Jinping announced that the Chinese armed forces, one of the largest armies in the world with over two million, will be reduced to 300 000 jobs. In addition to the goal of modernising the appliance, the head of State stressed that China intends to defend always the way of peace.

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quinta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2015

Iceland opens the doors to the Syrian refugees

A Facebook page that asks the Government to take more refugees, accounts for more than 14 thousand followers, almost 5% of the population of the country (300 thousand inhabitants).

Dissatisfied with the Government's intention to host only 50 Syrians over the next two years, thousands of netizens didn't hesitate to put the House up for disposal.

A weight argument which led the Prime Minister, Sigmund Gunnlaugsson, reviewing quotas, unannounced to have numbers.

The Minister of Social Affairs Eygló Harðardóttir, acknowledges that "a large number of people encouraged us to improve our goals and it filled me with optimism. We're not going to build more camps. We want people to get in our society, who have jobs and houses, their children attend our schools and they're invited to birthday parties. "

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Justice of Baltimore confirms charges of "murder" in the case of Freddie Gray

The Defense filed a motion asking for the annulment of the charges â€" which was refused. The six cops â€" three white and three black men-will even be judged â€" separately, in October. They face charges ranging from murder to offense to physical integrity.

Refused was also the motion requested that the Attorney-General of the State of Baltimore, Marilyn Mosby, would abandon the case.

A new hearing will decide if the process will take place in Baltimore or not. The city was the iron and fire after the death of Freddie Gray â€" while he was detained by police.

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Johannes Hahn: "things have to change."

Euronews: Mr Hahn, how will you convince some EU countries such as Denmark, Hungary or United Kingdom, to participate more in the solution of this crisis, to participate in a common European response?

Johannes Hahn: I believe that recent events, such as the human tragedy of the people who died in a truck in Austria, and the dead in the Mediterranean â€" all this created the understanding, and also a public attitude that helps to act in a coordinated manner and in tandem. Whether we like it or not, I think this also convinced the national politicians. All politicians at the Vienna Summit expressed the opinion that the correct answer is a European response.

Euronews: Participants at the Vienna Summit on the Western Balkans have acknowledged, that the European Union must give more attention to the migration route of the Western Balkans. Specifically, what does that mean?

Johannes Hahn: firstly, we must acknowledge that the number of refugees coming to Central Europe through the roads of the Western Balkans increased significantly since June, when we have six times more refugees arrived by these pathways. I say this because it is not a problem in the Western Balkans. The countries of the Western Balkans are just countries of transit. There is a common interest in the approach and solution of this issue. And that is why the European Union has made money. We just announced that we will provide one and a half million euros to Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia so that, firstly, can offer help and shelter to refugees. But it is also important to stabilize the external borders. To deal with the refugee issue when they try to reach Europe, to be clearer about whether someone can, facrto, obtain asylum or not.

Euronews: the Western Balkan countries already have many internal problems. Believes that the consequences of this migration crisis will further delay their trek to Europe?

Johannes Hahn: so far, I don't think so. If we take into account all the Western Balkans Summit discussions and preparatory work in the period that preceded, for a European perspective, expressed not only by the participants at the Summit but also on the findings. But things have to change. It has to do with changing social conditions, the social environment, it has to do with the development of the economy. We have to deal with various subjects in order to prepare the countries to become members of the European Union. But, clearly, this Summit showed how the European family is interested in having this part of Europe as a member of the European Union as soon as possible.

Euronews: the European Union also has many refugees from the Western Balkans. Thinks it's a good idea to give them work visas so that they can work in the European Union?

Johannes Hahn: I think it's something that has to be discussed with all Member States. Also here, according to my point of view, individual solutions are not the best solutions. Because I think that this would create another type of separation that wouldn't help anything. So we have to resolve these problems, discuss these problems. But I think most people, in my experience at least 80 percent of people, like staying in the room where he was born. The move to another place is as the second best option. Therefore, the focus should be made on the development of the economy of the region. Part of the population has excellent education and qualifications. They should have the opportunity to develop their activities in the region.

Euronews: the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Junker, about a year ago, said that he saw another enlargement over the next 5 years. Do you think was the message correct policy for the Western Balkans?

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Austria: Truck with young Afghans had welded doors

"The doors were welded and the Windows had bars. Could not leave alone-Thomas Keiblinger, Vienna "

The Austrian police released this Wednesday, pictures of the truck where, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, 24 rescued Afghan refugees.

This time, the worst has been averted. The truck caught the attention of the authorities when he tried to avoid a police operation.

Thomas Keiblinger, Vienna police, recalls how the stowaways were discovered: "it was awful. Were crowded, on top of each other and without any chance to open the door from the inside. The doors were welded and the Windows had bars. Couldn't leave alone. "

Inside, there were 24 Afghan teenagers, mostly boys, physically very debilitated.

As for the "driver jumped from the vehicle and fled", continues the same agent, who continues: "the police chased him and still shot, but he got away. Was the dog a policewoman who discovered the man, hiding. This is a Romanian, of 30 years, that, despite of resist, eventually be detained. "

In neighboring Hungary, however, were present in court the four men detained on suspicion of having participated in the transport of clandestine 71 found dead last week in a truck, also in Austria.

The victims, including eight women and four children, had Syria documentation.

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Iraq: 18 Turks kidnapped by unknown

The kidnapping occurred in Sadr City, in northern Baghdad. The men were working for a Turkish company in the works of a football stadium. The area is a fief of Shiite paramilitary forces who support the Iraqi Government in the fight against the Group Islamic State.

The Turks were specifically selected for the kidnappers among workers of various nationalities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey.

Ankara is aware of the strong likelihood of suffering reprisals for the support that went to give to international coalition fighting the jihadists

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