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Auschwitz: Survivors don't want your past is the future of the new generation

For 70 years, Halina Birenbaum came with his family from the Warsaw ghetto, but was left alone soon upon arrival. And witness:

-Anything you remember, even remotely, something human. When we're here, we're not anywhere else in the world, is to die, dwell in the mud, covered with excrement and blood.

Kazimierz Albin â€" I was in Auschwitz, during two years I've been estranged because of the transformation of hell. Since the first day, continues a fight without truce by biological survival. The struggle to get the largest number of dead humans and preserve human dignity. Merciful fate allowed me to be here today, in front of the monument of the victims of the nazis. We do, for them, a moment of silence.

Roman Kent â€" the heartbreak, the cries of children plucked their mothers, the brutal action of the torcionários, they will sound in my ears to death. We, the survivors, we share a common goal with the current generation. We, the survivors don't want our past is the future of our children.

Among the 40 heads of State and international representatives, were the Kings of Belgium and the Netherlands, and the Presidents of France, Germany, Ukraine and Austria. All walked 700 meters to deposit a candle (earlier on) in monumneto to the victims of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Tsipras: For when the changes visible?

A key choice is the new Finance Minister, professor Varoufakis, seen as an independent because of the opinions they have expressed in relation to Greek debt. Professor Varoufakis is a internationally recognised economist and the ideal person to defend the SYRIZA program internationally.

Later, the Government of Tsipras will have to present the program to the Parliament, which implies a three-day debate. Making an estimate for high, mid-February there is we have notion of the new Greek Government's policies.


Portuguese League, J18: Benfica flaw sanity test, Sporting bites heels to the port

Miguelito, in the last minute of regulation time, scored the winner from Rio Ave. were April 10, 2005. This Monday was Sergio Oliveira to ensure victory for PACOS de Ferreira, also at minute 90.

Jorge Jesus's team squandered a golden opportunity to leave the port to nine points when leaving defeated da Mata Real. In a preview of the meeting, coach red had promised a stronger Benfica in the second round but for now the promise is even.

The national champions hit three times the iron of the goal of Rafael Defended and were left blank in the Championship for the first time since April 2012. Penalty even managed to beat the Brazilian goalkeeper, Lima hit the nail on the head on the beam.

The Town Hall has made a very balanced view. Even with a makeshift central (Romeo) the defensive line did not flinch and the earliest men never lost sight of the goal of Julius Caesar.

Were rewarded when he fell of the cloth. Sérgio Oliveira did what Lima failed: scored a penalty and gave the three points for his team.

Sighed with relief the port, which on Sunday had also been defeated in the Estádio dos Barreiros. The blue-and-white team had plenty of possession but whenever I managed to overcome the well-organized defensive line of the seaman, found a Salin inspired.

The French goalkeeper defended everything there was to defend and it was the highlight of the meeting. The only player to find the way to the goal was the Brazilian Bruno Gallo, to 32 minutes.

Sporting turned out to be the big winner in this journey. The Green-and-white team was the only one to win three points between the top six classified.

It is true that never tried to win the Academic meeting, only shot on goal from Rui Patricio already in discounts, but it takes merit the victory leonina.

The pupils of Marco Silva were far from doing a mouthful but were pragmatic enough to offer the victory to 37769 spectators present. João Mário was the author of the only goal of the game at the age of 76 minutes.

Go, go! 5. the successive win in the first League and we're only 1 point in 2 .° place. #DiaDeSporting

A photo published by Sporting Clube de Portugal (@sportingclubedeportugal) to January 25, 2015 at 1:59 PST

With this triumph, Sporting has only one point of FC Porto and Benfica's seven. Left also Vitória de Guimarães further. The Rui team Victory was not in addition to a 2-2 draw at Gil Vicente.

The 15 minutes of the 90 the gilistas maturing for 2-0 but were unable to hold the advantage. André André, in the markup of a penalty, avoided greater evils to the vimaranenses in the last gasp of the date.

Worse made Sporting Braga, defeated in the Bessa by minimum margin. Uchebo was child benefit of Boavista to the point the lone try for 80 minutes.

The single null of the 18th Matchday punished the few spectators who went to the Estádio do Restelo to watch the match between Belenenses and Penafiel.

In growing form is Estoril, which imposed itself to Arouca with a goal of Léo Bonatini and proved that he's in the fight for a place in Europe.

National Madeira also has been rising in the table and won a third consecutive victory in Moreira de Cónegos, by 3-2. Lucas John clinched the triumph in the last gasp of the date. The Angolan has four goals in the last three rounds.

Finally, the great return of Bruno Ribeiro to Vitória de Setúbal. The coach bet on youth, as is his prerogative, with the presence of five elements of the starting eleven and sadina formation did not nothing wrong. Thrashed the Rio Ave by 4-1.

By Bruno Sousa

Snowstorms paralyze the u.s. North

In Boston, in Massachusetts, the snow reaches the 9 inches tall when much of the public services, in particular transport are paralyzed.

Along the coast, the authorities also maintains the alert for floods, when high winds and cold temperatures could leave more than 100 thousand homes without electricity.

In New York, the national weather service keeps falling at least 2 feet of snow. The theaters of Broadway, as well as a number of companies, particularly banks, were closed as a precaution.

Both the New York Stock Exchange, as the group responsible for the technological index NasDaq announced they won't suspend your activities this Tuesday.

On among last flights in before blizzard, clapping as we land, finally, on a snowy JFK runway pic.twitter.com/803UeG1hq1

The bad weather is affecting mainly the air transport. Almost 3 thousand flights bound for New York were diverted to other airports on Monday, when more than 4 thousand flights were canceled Tuesday.

Taking one of the last rides before they shut this town down. pic.twitter.com/a7tinsrleh

The Governor of New Jersey decided to suspend most public transport having appealed to the population to prepare to remain at home for at least three days.

Americans fear repeat of the snowstorm that paralyzed New York 1947 during several days after the fall of more than one meter of snow.

Photo: Anadolu News Agency

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S&P review note to "trash"

The u.s. rating agency downgraded Russian note of BBB-to BB +, i.e., below the level of investment, with negative perspectives.

The crisis which the country is living, caused by the fall in the price of oil and the sanctions of the West, is behind this decision. It was the first time in ten years that this happened to Russian sovereign debt.

The Russian currency, the ruble, has been reaching historic lows and the news made stock price fall even more. The dollar was trading for 67.98.

According to the Russian central bank, the GDP may fall from 4.5% to 4.7% this year.

Fall of the F-16 Greek: all the dead in land were French

Ten people died in the crash of an F-16 from Greece in Spanish air force base of Los Llanos in Albacete.

The plane, which participated in a NATO program, crashed after takeoff.

The fighter crashed in a hangar, after takeoff. The disaster killed the two pilots and eight people on the ground. Made at least 21 wounded: "it was all very fast. Only eight or ten meters after takeoff, the plane turned right, crashed and exploded, "says an eyewitness.

The pilots were to participate in a programme of improvement. The School of improvement of NATO Pilots are installed at this air base and hosts aircraft from all Member countries of the Atlantic Alliance.

The pilots were both Greeks. Already the eight dead people on the ground were all of French nationality. Among the wounded, at least 10 French and 11 Italians. The figures were confirmed by channel Tele 5 for Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

By Ricardo Figueira | With EFE, LUSA

Egypt: Alaa and Gamal Mubarak were released

A court ruled last week that the two defendants a chance for corruption, a new trial in freedom.

On the streets of Cairo to release both sons of the President deposed by the revolt of four years ago, caused different reactions.

"I think that Gamal and Alaa have committed some mistakes, but in the end we have to respect the Court decision," said an inhabitant of the Egyptian capital.

"This is shocking and a major flaw of the revolution. Unfortunately, I don't understand why they released on January 25, "said a young cairene.

It is recalled that on Sunday, the fourth anniversary of the start of the 2011 revolt that overthrew the President Hosni Mubarak, at least 25 people were killed during clashes between police and demonstrators hostile to Islamists and new authorities.

The security forces were on alert, after supporters of former Islamist President Mohamed Morsi have called for demonstrations against the former head of the army and current head of State, Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, to mark the popular uprising in 2011.

The detractors of Al-Sissi accuses you of having established a regime even more authoritarian than Mubarak, which represses any opposition, whether secular or Islamic.

Fernando Peneda | With LUSA/AP-APTN