quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2016

Washington confident on truce to Aleppo

Washington says that Russia can and must do much more to convince Assad to respect the truce in Aleppo.

The United States are considering creating a map delimiting protected areas in which civilians and moderate members of the opposition can take refuge from attacks from Government forces.

It is unclear if Moscow will accept the plan or be able to convince the Syrian President to respect these areas.

"There is no justification for this terrible violence to the target are civilians, medical facilities or first responders do not matter. Our hope is that they are able to reach an agreement and that posed next. If that doesn't happen in the next few hours ... I 'm still confident that we will find a way to work. If you are not in the next few hours, as I say, will be the next day maybe "

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A happy ending for 33 Lions rescued from circuses in Latin America

A new life for those animals that showed clear signs of abuse. Now, living in a private Reserve, with 5000 acres, in the province of Limpopo. For here have travelled by plane and then arrive in trucks, for several hours, from Johannesburg to the North of the country.

For an employee of Animal Defenders International, ADI, a non-governmental organization with a branch in Colombia, Yani Matthew, this was a great moment because these lions "suffered greatly in the past".

According to this NGO 24 lions were removed to circuses in Peru. Are part of a group of more than 100 animals rescued with the help of Peruvian officials and with the objective to fight against the illegal trafficking of wild animals.

Says who witnessed the moment when these lions were "freed" it was a moment of happiness for the animals who had never stepped on the Earth:

"When we see them rubbed against trees, for the first time, it's really magical. Everything we have been trying to do with this project is to give these lions life they have been stolen for years in these circuses, itinerant, cruel, "explained Vice President of ADI, Tim Phillips.

The Lions are still free in the African jungle because would not survive. Many of them were removed the teeth, for example. One of them is nearly blind and another missing an eye.

"These lions are now in the stage of clausura (...) in what will remain for six months to a year. This is your time of adaptation that is the crucial stage, they come from a continent, completely different. Need to be monitored closely. Then they will be released for phase two, which is, obviously, very wide and that will last the rest of their lives ", the founder of this sanctuary, which exists since 2012, Savanah Heuser.

Bears, monkeys and other wildlife, rescued in Peru, operations were transferred to shrines in the South American country and a tiger was taken to Florida. The nine Lions of Colombia were handed over voluntarily by a circus.

According to ADI the two countries have already banned the use of wild animals in circuses.

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USA: the final duel between Cruz and Trump Indiana

The millionaire prepares for a defeat of Ted Cruz, put forward by all the surveys, when has the results from Indiana and California (June 7) to raise the 241 delegates that the distance of the nomination in the race to the White House.

"Will vote. This is what you have to do to be able to do continue this movement. Let's make America a great country. If we win it's the end of the race and we won't have to worry about the Ted cross, and I sprinkle me whether supports me or not ".

The Texas Senator likely to watch the anti-Trump strategy after failure of the Pact sealed with John Kasich for weeks.

Cross that appears alone in Indiana, you don't give up yet, ha ving announced yesterday the choice of former Director of Hewlett Packard, Carly Fiorina, as its candidate for the Vice-Presidency of the country.

In the Democratic field, Clinton hopes to continue to distance himself from his only rival, when the opinion polls point to a victory for candidate in Indiana.

In Ashland, Kentucky, the candidate recalled his economic program:

"I believe we have to continue to produce in America. I'm a fanatic of made in America and have a full plan to revitalise industrial production. I'm going to offer a tax credit to those who build a factory that will create jobs, everyone who wants to be a part of the economy ".

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terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2016

Came to Cuba the first cruise in 50 years

The crossing was in charge of the company, a subsidiary of the American Group Fathom Carnival, which intends to conduct two cruises per month. The goal is to promote cultural exchange between countries.

A Cuban waiting family that comes on says: "I hope that Cuba and the United States continue as are-alone and together. Whatever it takes to continue to improve. " Other concerns: "I hope the first [by] many, break the ice. I hope that they will continue to take steps forward. We, Cubans, we are very happy. "

Americans and Cubans waited 57 years to see this image again #Cubahttps://t.co/HPWdezmME1 pic.twitter.com/pv1TuX42GG

The cruise trip was only pos sible after the Government of Raúl Castro have lifted the last restrictions that prevented the Cuban citizens to enter or leave the island by sea.

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Drought in Zimbabwe is the worst in 20 years

The current drought in Zimbabwe is already considered the most serious of all of southern Africa for the past 20 years by UNICEF. The lack of water is being caused by the weather phenomenon known as El Niño, and also by the intensive culture of corn.

The research programme for climate change, agriculture and food security says that the region has to change to avoid this kind of situation.

"We have to walk long distances to get water. Sometimes with babies on her back. I had to leave my baby of three months at home, seeing as I'm dirty. There is a big problem, "water Mollen jongwe, a resident in the Nuanetsi region.

With drought, famine and diseases come fro m. More than 4 million people need food aid and more than 33 1000 children in need of treatment for malnutrition.

About one million people in the country are receiving help from the United Nations world food programme. UNICEF also monitors the situation closely, especially in the regions most affected, especially in Mwenezi.

#Zimbabwe: Thanks to USAID WFP continues to provide relief for those effected by <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/ElNino?src=hash">#ElNino</a> : <a href="https://t.co/TXTibrmDAn">https://t.co/TXTibrmDAn</a> <a href="https://t.co/wxkW5ExTVs">pic.twitter.com/wxkW5ExTVs</a><p>â€" World Food Programme (WFP) April 30, 2016

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Greenpeace discloses confidential documents about negotiations of TTIP

Greenpeace unveiled this morning on the Internet the documents about sensitive negotiations of Transatlantic free trade (TTIP), denouncing the pressures by the United States about the European Union.

The leak is aimed at putting an end to the lack of transparency of negotiations, lasting for 3 years. Until now knew each other European pretensions, but remained in secret the United States position on key aspects of the agreement. Last night, the ecologist organisation designed the documents on the walls of the Bundestag, the German Federal Parliament. This morning, were published on the website of the NGO.

The over 240 pages of text, referring to Greenpeace, Washington pressures to reduce the European standards of environmental protection, fo od security and health. The documents show that the United States wants to give more power to the European regulators, to the detriment of national legislators. The ecologist Organisation warns that the documents contain "significant risks to the climate, the environment and consumer protection", as the cultivation of GMOs. Suggests that "both parties create a system that puts profit ahead of the lives and health of humans, animals and plants".

#Climate protection seemsabsent from#TTIP papers. DidEU & US alreadyforgetParis?? #TTIPleaks #Greenpeace pic.twitter.com/2KhMyxhEaZâ€" Greenpeace Nederland (@GreenpeaceNL) 2 de maiode 2016

#Climate protection seemsabsent from#TTIP papers. DidEU & US alreadyforgetParis?? #TTIPleaks #Greenpeace pic.twitter.com/2KhMyxhEaZ

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segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2016

"Bikers from the Kremlin" caught on the Polish border

“The Night Wolves have received active support from President Putin” https://t.co/MXbg9sM9Jv pic.twitter.com/FcKCsHZJdq

For the second time, the Night Wolves were blocked from entering Poland to celebrate Russia’s World War II victory. https://t.co/CXr5ZKTG5r

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