sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2015

Hollande continues efforts to unite Washington and Moscow to combat ISIL

The Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, who supports the coalition that combats the Group Islamic State was received this Thursday at the Elysée in Paris by President François Hollande. Issues such as the crisis of refugees and migrants and the fight against terrorism dominated the agenda of the meeting.

"It is obvious that the only way to put the word" end "in exodus of asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants cannot be just stop civil wars. The France is making a major effort, particularly in Africa. Similarly, I think it will be essential to give priority, we talked about this with President Hollande and his ministers, the Libyan dossier. "

An intense diplomatic week for the French Head of State he held discussions with Barack Obama and David Cameron. This should present today in Parliament a plan of combat in Syria the Group HEY.

"We have to have the will to bring together and unite all those who want to act accordingly, at international level. But, with clear objectives: DAESH must be destroyed. "

François Hollande has this Thursday in Moscow that that is probably the encounter harder than his tour pós-atentados Paris diplomatic. For Vladimir Putin, this is also an opportunity to make room for maneuver in the West that has considered Moscow as a intratával element in the international arena. Paris tries to reconnect now Washintgon and Moscow in the fight against the ISIL. The Russia remains on the sidelines of the current coalition against the jihadists of the Group Islamic State.

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quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2015

Ukraine refuses to buy Russian gas

The Ukraine will stop buying gas to Russia. The Kiev Government has given orders to leave the country to buy natural gas to the neighboring country. Not only as a sanction to Russia by the annexation of the Crimea and by the conflict in the East of the country, but also because several European countries offer gas to Ukraine at prices more attractive, as he explained the Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk: "the decision was made mainly because the offers we receive from the European partners are far better than those of our neighbour to the East" , said the head of Government.

The measure is reciprocal, since also Gazprom, Russian gas distribution monopoly, has decided to stop sales to the Ukraine. Gazprom will continue to export gas to Western Europe through pipelines that pass through Ukraine. Europeans can expect winter without fear that the gas.

The new Ukrainian Government's offensive against the Kremlin also airspace management.

If the direct flights between the two countries were already banned, Kiev passed now to the next level, with the complete prohibition of overflight of Ukrainian territory on the part of the Russian airlines.

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Russia says that second pilot of the Su-24 was rescued alive

The second pilot of the Russian fighter plane shot down Tuesday by Turkey, "was recovered by the Syrian army," according to the Russian Ambassador in France, Alexander Orlov.

He "was able to escape and according to the latest information, was recovered by the Syrian army and must retrieve the Russian air base," said the diplomat.

The other pilot of the Sukhoi Su-24 was killed. The Turkey says he wants to avoid the "escalation" of tension with Russia after this incident. Ankara argues that its war planes have launched ten messages of warning to Russian pilots who would have entered Turkish airspace near the border with Syria.

The President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claims that "has absolutely no intention of turning this case as an aggressive act against Russia, the Turkish pilots were limited to defending the security and the right of the people"

However tensions run high and Beijing, which supports Moscow's positions in the Syrian conflict, defends the thesis from the Kremlin that the Sukhoi 24 was not in the Turkish sky when he was shot down and guarantees have proof of that.

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USA: white Chicago Police charged with murder for killing black teenager

Laquan's cake McDonald, of 17 years, was shot 16 times.

At the time, the authorities claimed that the young would be armed with a knife and would be under the influence of drugs.

The judicial authorities of Chicago announced that Jason Van Dyke, the white COP who allegedly was the author of the shooting, was charged with murder.

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quarta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2015

António Costa: Who is the new Prime Minister of Portugal?

António Costa, who completed Sunday a year as Secretary General of the Socialist Party and is considered a skilled negotiator politician, was nominated Tuesday as Prime Minister and will form a Government supported by the left-wing majority in Parliament after an election defeat.

Elected Secretary-General of the PS unopposed in direct, with about of 22700 votes, corresponding to 96%, 22 November 2014, António Costa has set since the beginning of his tenure as strategic objectives a victory with an absolute majority in the legislative, the refusal of understandings with the Government PSD/CDS and the rejection of the concept of "arc of governance", which excludes forces like the left bloc and the PCP.

In his first year of leadership, however, faced with adverse factors as the successive episodes relating to the arrest of former Prime Minister José Sócrates, that Costa replied defending a strict separation between justice and politics, and a closing of ranks between the Government parties, PSD and the CDS-PP, who performed at 04 October legislative United in the Coalition "Portugal ahead" (PaF).

In the parliamentary elections, the PSD/CDS-PP Coalition won without an absolute majority with approximately of 38% of the vote, against 32% from PS. Despite the electoral defeat, António Costa resigned not of the Secretary-General.

In the following weeks, instead of being the target of a wave of internal dispute in the PS, the Socialist leader has become a central figure in political life to get involved in negotiations for the formation of a new Government, either with the PSD/CDS coalition with the left-wing Block, PCP and "Greens".

After two meetings, PS and PSD/CDS Coalition broke off the negotiations. Three weeks after that vourself with the "right", Antonio Costa announced to have reached agreement with the left-wing Block, PCP and PEV for the formation of a Government of Socialist initiative.

Mayor of Lisbon between July 2007 and April 2015, António Costa took the first step to get the leadership of the PS to beat its predecessor, António José Seguro, in primary elections â€" the first open to supporters-held in September 2014, being so designated socialist candidate for Prime Minister.

Before, had refused to succeed José Sócrates in June 2011, following the defeat of the Socialists in legislative elections in June of that year, but was on the verge of running for leadership of his party in early 2013, eventually retreating.

Pointed to often for more than a decade as a potential leader of the PS, the former President of the Chamber of Lisbon decided to enter the race for the lead after the European elections may 2014, arguing that "the historic defeat of the PSD/CDS Coalition did not match a victory of PS with identical dimension".

"A victory by just a little," he said, in a criticism of António José Seguro.

Although it was supported by the main historical figures, Socialists of former Presidents of the Republic case Mário Soares and Jorge Sampaio, Costa had to endure three-and-a-half months of intense conflict with the supporters of insurance, period for which confessed publicly have learned "a great lesson", in particular on statutory and violence debate maneuvers.

Son of journalist Maria Antónia Palla and the writer and advertising technician Orlando Costa, goês and militant of the CFP, António Luís Santos da Costa was born in Lisbon on 17 July 1961.

At ten years old, under the pseudonym "Babuch" (boy in Konkani dialect, Goa), already writing television reviews for Century Illustrated and account that decided to be a Socialist to 12 years. It was also at that age that the character of police Perry Mason "convinced" to become a lawyer.

At the age of 14 years he enrolled in the Socialist Youth (JS), which initiated a structure always closely monitored political activity by the current United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), António Guterres, gaining particular notoriety in academic movement and to invigorate the democratic left in 1985.

Degree in legal and Political Sciences from the Faculty of law of Lisbon and with a postgraduate degree in European studies from the Catholic University, the politician with whom Mário Soares said more identify themselves "while young was from the mid-80 connected to sampaísmo, which distanced himself only Governments of Guterres.

António Costa worked in the Law Office of Jorge Sampaio reached the national direction of the PS in 1986 by his hand, by integrating a team led by Vítor Constâncio, always supported Sampaio for the leadership of the party, and was its Director in the 1996 presidential campaign.

Parliamentary Affairs and Minister of Justice in the two Governments led by Guterres, Costa continued to be one of the main faces of Socialists from 2002, ahead of the Socialist Caucus in Parliament, during the leadership of Ferro Rodrigues.

In 2004 he ran for the European Parliament in second place of the list of the Socialist Party, in an election in which the Socialists have achieved an absolute majority in terms, but the head of the list, the former Finance Minister Sousa Franco, died in the middle of the campaign, after incidents between Socialists in lota of Matosinhos.

With José Sócrates as leader of the first Socialist Government of absolute majority, Costa was the "number two" of this Executive, performing the functions of Minister of State and Internal Administration.

Benfica, agnostic, married and with two children, Antony Costa is set to a politician confident, lively, persistent and temperamental.

Punches on the table and raises the voice in discussions on and is praised by political skill and negotiating skills.

Others call it "student and Machiavellian" and get to compare it to the Russian Rasputin, the pleasure that they give you the behind the scenes games, image that accentuates when confesses his admiration for former President of the PSD Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who was a student.

António Costa points as models the ancient rulers Churchill and Gorbachev, "for having introduced large and important changes in the 20th century", as well as the former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard, the latter for the renewability of Socialist ideas. "

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Vatican sits "press freedom" in the dock in the case "Vatileaks scandal 2"

Ripped this Tuesday, the Vatican, the trial of the so-called "case 2 Vatileaks scandal", a new process to escape and disclosure of private documents of the Holy See. The first hearing was held in the Court of the State of Vatican City. Five people, two journalists and 3 former employees of the Holy See, are in the dock, accused the Holy See of "unlawful disclosure of news and reserved documents."

One of the journalists is Gianluigi Nuzzi, author of at least four controversial books about the Vatican, the last, "Via Crucis", put up for sale earlier this month.

"What we did was information," claimed Nuzzi, complaining about, along with fellow journalist Emiliano Fittipaldi, are being "tried in a country where there is no freedom of the press law and to inform". "Because of this problem, many lawyers are raising the issue at national and international level by the tutelage of a press law and to inform. Is a right and a duty, "Nuzzi.

The Vatican will process the books by Naif and Fittipaldi. Freedom of expression at risk?

Emiliano Fittipaldi, the author of "Avarizia", another book on sale this month and also considered illegal by the Vatican, has proved "unbeliever" by being present as "defendant" in a country that is not his. The journalist stressed that publish news is, on the other hand, protected by the Italian Constitution, the European Convention and the universal declarations of human rights.

The escânadalo fo, triggered in 2012. An anonymous letter appeared in the press revealing a death threat against the Pope Benedict XVI. A book by Gianluigi Nuzzi entitled "his Holiness-The secret Letters of Benedict XVI", containing private letters between the Pontifície juice and private Secretary, highlighted the pressure on the Holy See, revealing backstage intrigues of the Vatican, including blackmail and money movements by the Pope himself.

In the dock are also the Italians Francesca Chaouqui and Nicola may, former employees of the Commission investigator of Economic and administrative Bodies of the Vatican (COSEA). The two are charged with Association for the dissemination of documents reserved for the Holy See. Journalists, publish them.

The main accusation concerns the infringement of article 118, introduced by Pope Francisco two years ago. At issue is the offence of "taking over illegitimately or reveal news or documents of which the disclosure is prohibited". The penalty for this offence, in accordance with the Canon law, goes from 6 months to 2 years imprisonment or a fine of 1000 to 5000 euros.

+++ the Vatican rejects my request to let me watch from my Defender ever, avv. M #viacrucis

The five defendants are being judged, however, in a civil court of the Vatican, under a different code of Canon law. "The Vatican City State has its own laws. I'm sure that the primary source is always the canonical norms. Then there's a fundamental law of Vatican City State and an act of the Government of Vatican City State. These two were promulgated in the pontificate of John Paul II. Then there are other criminal laws, administrative, justice and enforcement of various stages of operation of the Vatican City State ", explained to the Renaissance Portuguese priest Satirino Garcia, who works in one of the courts of the Holy See.

Civil laws in the Vatican are, however, different from Italy, including on freedom of the press. The two journalists refuse to cooperate with the Holy See, in this process, protecting the identity of sources. The Vatican can decide the extradition request of journalists to carry out the punishment that may be doomed. The expectation is to know if the Italian State will be recetivo this possible request.

The process #Vatileaks underway today in the Vatican, classroom even journalists Naif and Fittipaldi. #TG24Pomeriggio

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Bomb explodes in Athens without causing victims

The police ruled out any possible involvement of jihadi movements, noting that the attack had all the hallmarks of an act committed by one of the clandestine groups.

This eyewitness account: "I heard a big bang and I was scared but I was prepared, because the police had warned. There was a bag downstairs and they feared was a bomb ".

The building is situated along one of the main hotels of Athens and near the Embassy of Cyprus in the Greek capital. According to press reports, the bomb was placed in a backpack in front of the headquarters of the Federation, near Syntagma Square in Central Athens.

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