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McDonald's save with tax scheme through the Luxembourg

This is the conclusion of an independent inquiry carried out by two European trade union federations and an International Union. According to the study, France is the country most affected.

Pablo Sánchez, representative of the European Trade Union Federation of public services (EPSU), says that "there are more and more companies do it and it's becoming almost impossible to watch over them, while millions of citizens have to pay taxes every year".

The American giant of "fast food" will have done through Luxembourg three seventeen hundred million euros of European restaurants, paying just 16 million euros in taxes. Brussels was called to intervene.

Rodrigo Barbosa | With AFP/EPSU

Ukraine: OSCE guard heavy weapons withdrawal

The Ukrainian Army has begun to withdraw the heavy weapons from the front line, in the East of the country, where the cease-fire seems to be gaining ground.

The first phase of withdrawal, which includes 100 mm cannons, is being watched by observers from the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe.

A spokesman for the Army explains that the situation calmed down in Lugansk and Donetsk, Debaltseve, where "you can hardly see the downfalls of projectiles", but adds that "there were shots fired against military positions in the region of Mariupol, in particular in the village of Shyrokino. There, there were both attempts to attack Ukrainian forces, as the village itself ".

The United States fear that the coastal city of Mariupol is the next target of the separatist pró-russos.

The rebel side, the self-proclaimed spokesman of Donetsk Republic accuses the Ukrainian Army to "continue to strengthen positions on the frontline" and says that "separatist positions were targeted, [...] near Shyrokino, Ukrainian forces ", an area" where the situation remains tense. "

Despite the relative calm, sporadic clashes and shots they fear for the fragile ceasefire.

Rodrigo Barbosa | With AFP

Ukrainian army starts withdrawal of heavy weapons

Kiev's forces began to withdraw the heavy weapons from the front line, in Eastern Ukraine.

The announcement was made by the army, in a statement which explained that the first phase entails the withdrawal of 100 mm cannons. The process will be conducted "under the supervision of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe".

The ceasefire seems gaining ground, as explained by the spokeswoman for the OSCE mission, as if watching "the greater calm." However, he added "there is also still a range of violations of the truce, since the projectiles artillery hits and small arms".

The army stressed that, for the second consecutive day, suffered no casualties. The separatist side pró-russos, the heavy weapons also seem to be moving away from the front.

The relative calm contrasts with the tensions visible in the diplomatic field.

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, said that "all the calls to prosecute the rebels, to Russia and any other by the disrespect of the truce have only one goal: not to allow the situation to the path of political settlement."

Lavrov was reacting to statements by the US Secretary of State and the President of the European Council, which called for new sanctions against Moscow by posture in the Ukrainian crisis. The Kremlin rejected supporting the rebels militarily.

Rodrigo Barbosa | With AFP

Taliban admit mistake

The Taliban claimed the suicide bombing in Kabul, in Afghanistan, where at least two people were killed and assumed that a mistake in the target.

The attack which occurred near the Embassy of Turkey using a booby-trapped car caused an injured.

In the crosshairs of the insurgents was, however, a column of American soldiers. It explained a spokesman of Taliban in a message posted on Twitter.

The attack occurred at around 08:00, local time. A suicide bomber driving a Toyota Corolla hit a Turkish vehicle that was in the back of the Embassy.

This is the first deadly attack in Central Kabul since the beginning of January. The latter had targeted the European Police Mission in Afghanistan.

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Relations between Israel and the United States increasingly strained

Relations between Israel and the United States are more strained than ever and there are several episodes that the show. After having criticized the United States for not being firmer in a position against Iran, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to go to the US Congress by Republicans and accepted the invitation without talking to Obama.

Netanyahu assures that "respects the White House respects the President Obama but having regard to the agreement on the table, has the duty to ensure that there is a huge danger to the State of Israel".

However, the President's national security adviser, and Susan Rice, said on a TV show that Netanyahu's decision to speak at the Congress in Washington next week is "destructive" for relations between the United States and Israel.

Also the US Secretary of State assured this Wednesday that "Israel is safer now after being given extra time to Iran to stop the nuclear program. Measure with which the Israeli Prime Minister agreed "but Kerry believes that Netanyahu was wrong".

The deputies and Senators Democrats have already said they will not attend the speech by Netanyahu, would consider an affront to the Government, which is involved in negotiations with Iran on the nuclear program. Also not scheduled any meeting between Obama and the Israeli leader. The White House explains that it has a policy of not meeting with candidates before elections. It is recalled that elections in Israel are scheduled for the day on March 17.

HSBC CEO apologizes in British Parliament

"I would like to apologize, publicly, on my own behalf and on behalf of Douglas, by the unacceptable events that occurred in our Bank, in Switzerland, in the mid-2000. I want to apologize to everyone, to our customers, our shareholders, to the entire audience. Are unacceptable practices and we regret all this that just destroys HSBC's reputation. "

And the scandals list headlined by HSBC is long: among them market manipulation of exchange rates and interbank interest rates; the fraudulent sale of derivatives on interest rates and insurance products to individuals and SMEs in the United Kingdom. Earlier this year was released called Swissleaks: 100 thousand bank customers concealed more than 87 billion euros to the tax authorities of several European countries, including Portugal.

Ukraine: Lavrov to strengthening the role of the OSCE

The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs considers that a large number of elements in Kiev and also outside of Ukraine are favorable to the failure of the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine.

Sergei Lavrov also said that the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe must have a greater role in monitoring the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front line. The head of Russian diplomacy said that "a lot depends on now a honest, objective and impartial approach on the part of observers, lest sucubam to attempts to make it look like the Minsk agreements have failed, because there are many those who want you to fail."

The head of French diplomacy, which received this Tuesday the Ukrainian, Russian and German counterparts, warned that Moscow is exposed to new European sanctions if Mariupol is attacked by rebels pró-russos.

Laurent Fabius stressed that "an attack by the separatists in the direction [of Ukrainian town] will dramatically alter the situation, in particular in terms of sanctions. Was passed on fairly clear what Lavrov, Sergei if that happens, the issue of sanctions will be again placed at European level ".

Fabius explained that at the meeting with counterparts it was decided to increase the resources of the OSCE monitoring mission, though he acknowledged that "there are still enormous difficulties".

Rodrigo Barbosa | With REUTERS/AFP