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Ukraine bone of contention between Washington and Moscow

Twenty years later, Russia invaded Crimea and sent dissidents to Kiev.

The Russia calls it "support to separatist insurgency in Eastern Ukrainian front". Regardless of designation, how Kiev and the Kremlin reached the point of no return?

Since the independence of Ukraine in 1991, the relationship between Kiev and Washington had ups and downs. Actually, it's a relationship that cannot be considered separately from the Russian policy in the region.

After a good phase at the end of 90 because of the signing of the Treaty, there has been a turnaround in relations between Washington and the Ukraine, with President Leonid Kuchma, to beat the record of human rights abuses that culminated with the murder of journalist Georgiy Gongadze (in 2000), and resulted in the freezing of bilateral relations.

The next milestone was in 2004, with the Orange Revolution, which u.s. President George w. Bush faced as a good opportunity to try to dismantle the sphere of influence of Russia in Ukraine. The Bush administration, at the time, have provided millions of dollars for the "strengthening of democracy" the opposition leaders and activists lined up with them.

However, the Bush Administration's efforts in 2008 to achieve that Ukraine joined NATO failed, mainly because of opposition from Germany and France, who did not want to antagonize Russia.

The West's appeasement policy toward Moscow has grown in strength with Barack Obama who, at the beginning of the first term, announced that it was pushing the "reset button" on u.s. policy toward Russia aiming to reverse what he called a "dangerous derives an important bilateral relationship".

Russian President Vladimir Putin apparently had another kind of "reset" in mind, and took the cue to redraw the map of Europe.

Islamic State discloses video of kidnapped journalist in Syria that promises "truth about the group"

In the images, Cantlie, who seems in good health, acknowledges being a prisoner but says not being coerced and Announces "a series of programs" which will reveal about the insurgents who control parts of Iraq and Syria, facts that contradict the image given by the Western media.

The video comes after the Islamic State have beheaded two American journalists and a British humanitarian worker.

The radical group claims to have assumed in recent 12:0 am, control of two dozen Kurdish-majority towns in northern Syria, while in Iraqi Kurdistan, Peshmerga fighters continue to try to halt the advance of the insurgents.

The Czech Republic sent this Thursday, a Canadian military aircraft, weaponry intended for Kurdish fighters. The shipment was organized in cooperation with the United States.

The Germany also is preparing to send arms to the Kurdish Peshmerga, following the decision voted on August 31 in the Berlin Parliament. The equipment in question was shown to the media at the base of Waren, in the North of the country.

Scotland: the independence referendum divides famous

The latest opinion polls point to a technical draw. The opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of independence is to divide the population in General and the Scottish celebrities, in particular.

Let's see some of the famous in favor of the "Yes" campaign

Andy Murray

Huge day for Scotland today! no campaign negativity last few days totally swayed my view on it. excited to see the outcome. lets do this!

A few hours before the opening of polling stations, the Scottish tennis player Andy Murray, said supporting the "Yes" in the referendum on the independence of Scotland.

"Today is a great day for Scotland. The negativity of the ' no ' campaign totally changed my vision. I can't wait to see the results. Let's do it! ", wrote on Twitter.

Sean Connery

The Scottish actor Sean Connery is an ardent advocate of Scottish independence. The man who wore the skin of James Bond did in March an appeal to "Yes." In an interview to a British newspaper said it was "a unique opportunity" and "a new hope" for the future.

Ken Loach

Ken Loach is another heavyweight to defend independence. The British Director is of the opinion that the victory of the "Yes" paves the way for a "fairer society" and adds that "other countries colonized already won independence."

Willie "the Simpsons"

This week "the Simpsons" also entered the election campaign. Willie â€" the continuous Bar frequented by school and by Lisa â€" appealed to independence in a video posted on YouTube.

Vivienne Westwood

The controversial British designer Vivienne Westwood has expressed support for the "Yes" during the London Fashion Week. But it was, above all, Westwood's statements that marked the difference. The stylist says support the independence of Scotland by "hate England."

Ewan McGregor

Is probably the best known Scottish actor after Sean Connery. Ewan McGregor says love Scotland and be proud of being Scottish, but considers that it would be "an error" end the marriage with the United Kingdom.

Alex Ferguson

Also, former Manchester United defends the permanence of Scotland in the United Kingdom. Alex Ferguson says that there are thousands of Scots living abroad as he. Prefers, so living in a British family than in a foreign country.

Stephen Hawking

The scientist Stephen Hawking has signed, together with other celebrities, an open letter to the Scots to appeal to the Union of a Kingdom with more than 300 years

J. K. Rowling

JK Rowling, the author and creator of the Harry Potter saga donated about 1.2 million euros to help finance the campaign against the independence of Scotland.

Susan Boyle

The Scottish singer Susan Boyle has made it known that will vote ' no ' to independence in the referendum this Thursday. Passionate about the country where he was born and the inherited culture, the singer says don't be nationalistic.

Odile forces the evacuation of tourist areas

The storm damaged facades of hotels, broke Windows and left streets full of rubble.

Earlier this week the winds reached 185 km/h while the Category 2 hurricane was moving on the peninsula. The phenomenon was registered about 230 kilometers east-southeast of Cabo San Lazaro.

People took refuge in shelters and hotel conference rooms. The area is full of 5 star resorts, small fishing communities and slums.

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Scottish identity

Scotland will make a choice of weight, since the consequences could go far enough. The question of identity, highly emotional, is one that can weigh a lot in the decision of the Scots. The country cherishes and nurtures the millenary traditions of root, but is divided into multiple identity references with multiple sources. Being Scottish, after 307 years of a fruitful Union with the United Kingdom, finally, is what? Ron Cowie: â€" The Scots have an identity of their own, always had, always we have an unparalleled force for being Scottish, but we will always be part of the United Kingdom.

Internationally known symbol and drunk, the whisky of Scotland is the second most exported product, then to energy. Nine out of ten bottles leave abroad, in a sector that employs 35 thousand people. What is the impact of an eventual independence? David Williamson, responsible of the Scotch Whisky Association: â€" the Scotch whisky survived wars and revolutions. Make whiskey for 500 years but this is a big decision.

For two centuries the family distillery produces whiskey, GlenDronach and all bearing the same confidence in the future, whatever.

Alan McConnochie:

The Shetland Islands are located very far from London, but also of Edinburgh. Its seabed oil is extracted, but the arquilélago is rich in fish and in renewable energy. For these descendants of the vikings, the issue of Scottish identity is fluid. And drink beer.

Sonny Priest, owner-in Shetland there isn't much of traditional Scottish. You don't wear a kilt or anything like that. We do not associate the typical Scots.

That identity relationship can there be for who works and lives in Glaskow but is an immigrant? A recent poll says that 94% of immigrants identify themselves more with Scotland, by being more open to foreigners than the United Kingdom.

Olga Mausch-Debowska, Polish immigrant:

-The European Union is very important to me and Scotland is better as an integral part of the European Union than as part of the United Kingdom. And there is always the danger of getting out of the EU if we stay with the English.

Pedro Sanchez: "we advocate Federal models such as Germany or the United States"

Pedro Sánchez: "Today in Spain and in many parts of Europe, many people see the future as a threat. Want to change those future threats for future opportunities. Two and a half years ago I was out of politics, was a University professor. My political commitment is the modernization of Spain and of Europe, the creation of job opportunities in Europe and the need for the world to see a competitive Europe, opportunities to radiate peace to the rest of the world. "

euronews: what kind of Socialist is, what do you propose?

Pedro Sánchez: "Reformist, moderniser. Spain has to modernize the economy. Both in Spain and in Europe, we must move towards greater transparency, citizen participation and democracy of our institutions. We must fight against corruption, which is the main poison of our democracy, and it is necessary to create jobs. Especially for young people.

euronews: "we won more than a million votes in the European elections. Now there are five MEPs in the European Parliament. What do you think I took all these people vote on this political formation?

Pedro Sánchez: "I don't know. I think the policy is to build and not to destroy. And to stand alongside all who see politics as being an exciting project, so be optimistic in the future. I don't have to think about 50 years ago. I believe that today there are people in Spain to gain 340 € per month, with this you can't live. It creates little work and what exists is very precarious. There is labour poverty. The important thing is to offer decent employment opportunities. "

euronews: "Said in an interview that populism just as Venezuela of Chavez. What did you mean by that? How do you define populism? "

Pedro Sánchez: "with proposals, as I'm pursuing, to face a process of tax reform, which causes great fortunes to pay more taxes to relieve the tax burden of working people and the middle class, are realistic and fair proposals from the social point of view.

Nationalize all strategic sectors of our economy is simply impossible. Therefore, between a proposal with a commitment to social justice, but realistic, and another offering false solutions to real problems, I choose the first one. "

euronews: "his party backed austerity measures, a few years back, how do you think these measures have helped the people?"

Pedro Sánchez: "there are different ways of doing politics in difficult contexts as Europe goes through with austerity. I believe that Europe must change economic policy. I proposed that there is a specific plan for public investment to countries that have an unemployment rate exceeding 15%. I proposed that the youth Guarantee Programme, which now is restricted to persons under 25 years, increase for 30 years. Because in Europe there are many young people between 25 and 30 years in unemployment. Both Spain, like the rest of Europe, should change the austerity policies of growth and job creation. In our context, the case of Spain, must also have the support of the European institutions. "

euronews: "Let's talk now of Scotland. What will be the impact of Scottish independence in the rest of Europe, and in the remaining regions independence? "

Pedro Sánchez: "often, what is crucial is how the expressions materialize and come true, these desires expressed in the vote. Bet on a strong and United Europe and a strong and United Scotland also in the European Union and the United Kingdom. "

euronews: "But the feelings of independence can have some influence in other regions..."

Pedro Sánchez: "As in Spain and the Catalan debate...? What we have to do in Catalonia, that's what I told Rajoy and the but is facing a constitutional renewal process. We have 35 years of successful constitutional. But it is true that we need to renew this Constitution. We must reorganize our territorial coexistence.

It is necessary to order the powers that are in each institutional level, in Spain and in the European Union. And we can only do with a constitutional reform. I want a Catalunya at the forefront of Spain, of the political, economic and social change â€" the flag of the Socialists. I don't want a Catalonia out of Spain. "

euronews: "How does this constitutional reform can give more autonomy to the regions and how can you benefit Spain?"

Pedro Sánchez: "Basically, we are talking about the skills reordering. Nowadays there are many citizens who are not aware of the responsibility of each level of administration.

To recognize in the Constitution who is responsible for public health, for education, for linguistic policy, how does the regional funding model, which is not recognized in the Constitution. I think that would clarify citizens and, above all, would reduce State expenditure.

Because in the end, it would be much more effective. We advocate Federal models such as Germany or the United States. In Europe, the Socialists say that Europe must be fed. When we talk about "more" European Union, we are talking about a federal Union. That's what I stand for in Spain. "

euronews: "we're back to the question of Scotland, to finish. What do you think should be the Spanish position if Scotland want to enter the European Union? "

Pedro Sánchez: "if we're going to bet on something will be this strong and United Union in which we are. And I believe that in the Catalan issue, we must defend the understanding, coexistence and, above all, recognize that Catalonia is a singular people that deserve to be recognized as such. Spain cannot be understood without Catalonia as Catalunya cannot be understood without the rest of Spain. It's hard to be rulers obliging citizens to choose between Spanish and Catalan. More than separate, Spanish and Catalan policy needs a lot of wisdom and a lot of courage to face the challenges together. "

Ukrainian PM says that the association agreement opens via EU membership

The Ukrainian Prime Minister says that the Association Agreement signed with the European Union opens the way for accession of the country to community block.

At the meeting of the Government Tuesday, Arseny Yatseniuk in Kiev said Ukraine now has the "ambitious task" to fully implement the Pact until 2017.

The Chief Executive stressed that "the sooner the European Union sees that we are implementing the agreement, the sooner we will have the opportunity to present our candidacy for European membership; to say that satisfy all the criteria, according to article 49 of the agreement, and we introduce ourselves as eligible for membership of the European Union ".

Ukrainian and European parliaments have ratified simultaneously, this Tuesday, the Ukraine Association Agreement-European Union but to appease tensions with Russia, it was decided to postpone until the end of 2015 the part regarding free trade.

Still, Moscow did not fail to criticize the Pact. The Kremlin fears the former Soviet Republic's remoteness of their sphere of influence and the negative impact on its economy.