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Putin calls for urgent negotiations to define the State model for the Southeast Ukraine

During a program issued by Russian public television, Vladimir Putin appealed Sunday to Ukraine to urgently engage in negotiations on the State model, in order to be guaranteed the interests of pro-Russian region.

"We must proceed immediately to the opening of substantive negotiations on matters of political organization of society and the State model in Southeast Ukraine to protect the legitimate interests of those who live there," said Putin.

On Saturday, the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, said that the crisis with Russia, due to support for separatists in Eastern Ukraine, is close to a "point of no return" and become a "full-scale war".

Also on Saturday, arriving at the European Summit in Brussels, the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaité, considered that Russia is "practically at war against Europe".

"The situation is deteriorating. The Russia is engaged openly and directly in a State of war against Ukraine. This is clear. That is, against a country that wishes to be closer to Europe. Russia is practically in a State of war against Europe, "said the head of State.

Double Mogherini-Tusk will face challenges in the South and East of the Union

The Polish Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, will be the next President of the European Council; and the head of Italian diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, will be high representative for Foreign Affairs.

Taking the criticism of being fluent in the English language, used extensively in the negotiations, Tusk made a pun: "nothing is good enough for Europe, including my current level of English. But I'm polishing my English. And, like I said, I will be ready in December, 100%. Don't worry ".

The appointments were made by the heads of State and Government of the European Union, an extraordinary Summit, this Saturday in Brussels.

On the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, the future head of European diplomacy said that "we all know that the military solution is not the solution to the crisis, taking into account the interests of Ukrainians in the first place. Therefore, while we work on new sanctions, we also have to keep open the diplomatic channel. Our job is to do both. "

In the Face of worsening Russian interference in Ukraine in recent days, the European Council should decide by the increase of sanctions against Moscow.

Guatemala: ultraortodoxos Jews forced to abandon village

The 230 members of the community began on Friday to abandon the village of San Juan La Laguna, situated on the Bank of a lake.

"This attitude against us, we are accused of things we haven't done. Legally, as Guatemalans, which is most, and foreigners have the right to live wherever we want. We must respect the law of the country, "said Misael Santos, the spokesman for the group.

"We don't want another Jewish Holocaust. It is for this reason that we leave this way, quickly and without thinking much about it, but it's very sad. In my case I've lived here for seven years, "said Ingrid Santos, a member of the community.

The decision was taken by the Council of elders of the village, after being rebuffed attempts at understanding with the Jewish ultraortodoxo group whose members have been accused of mistreating locals and tourists.

At the root of disputes is the arrogance and the fact that they pay the who understood not price marked on the goods.

Among the members of the Jewish community are Canadians recently arrived, allegedly involved in cases of child abuse in his country.

domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

Brazil in technical recession just over a month of presidential

The candidate for the Brazilian Socialist Party accident extended to 10 percentage points lead over Rousseff in a possible second round of presidential.

Added pressure to the current tenant of the plateau already confronted also with less favourable economic data.

The Brazil closed out the first half of the year in technical recession. The fall in GDP of 0.6% in the second quarter followed the contraction of 0.2% already verified in the first three months of the year.

If Marina Silva says a fall "regrettable", on the other hand Rousseff assigns that the sequence of holidays decreed by the way of the world, along with the falling prices on the international markets of raw materials.

Summit of "28" in Brussels with inheritance and blood on the agenda

The European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs will move the folder of diplomacy of the "28" and one of the most talked about names to assume is of Italian Federica Mogherini, of 41 years.

Another folder that will change hands is the President of the European Council, currently in the possession of the Belgian Herman van Rompuy, the Summit host. One of the names singled out the place is of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, but also the former Prime Minister of Latvia, Valdis Dombrovskis was spoken.

Whatever happens at this Summit, Van Rompuy will still be in Office, at a meeting which will, of course, with the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, Portuguese and, among others, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron, French President François Hollande and the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who heads the current rotating Presidency of the European Union.

The conflict in Ukraine, with the eventual sanctions to aggravate Russia, and the terrorist threat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria will also be under discussion at this Summit, in Brussels.

United Kingdom tightens security for fear of terrorist attack

"What we're facing in Iraq, right now, with the ISIL is the largest and most serious threat that ever had knowledge. With this Islamic State, we are facing a terrorist organization that is based in a certain country, but rather looking to settle and after, by violence, expand that same terrorist State, "said the British Prime Minister, in a statement also clarified that, in spite of the fears, there is in fact any evidence of an attack against the United Kingdom is being planned.

The UK Threat Level from international terrorism has been raised to Severe. We will respond calmly and purposefully, but without compromise.

The scale of alert for terrorist attacks was established in the United Kingdom in 2006, by the Center for analysis of Terrorism ("Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre", in the original), an independent body with connection to MI5, the British security services. The suicide bombing in London by four British Islamists killed 52 people at the time were at the base of this alert system.

Discover here the current alert levels for the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

This increase of alert and the consequent strengthening of security measures come nearly two weeks after the disclosure by ISIL of video in which a "jihadist" of sharp British accent â€" named as "John" and who was identified as being a "rapper" little career conhecidano United Kingdom (bottom) â€" the beheading American journalist James Foley.

Maida Vale rapper turned ISIS fighter tweets sick decapitation picture from Syria

The case raised concerns among the British natural and, in particular, the Government, with official estimates to move forward about half a thousand Britons have traveled to Syria and Iraq to eventually ally themselves to jihad, fighting alongside the ISIL. A London police officer added that 250 of the departed would have returned to the United Kingdom.

"It is becoming clear that there are flaws in our defense. We need the fix. We must do more to stop the travel of these people and prevent them from returning. And, once and for all, we must deal with those who are already here ", defended the Prime Minister, who next week will host, in Cardiff, Wales, another summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), of Portugal was a founding member in 1949.

Nato Summit 2014: Massive steel fence causes traffic chaos in Cardiff â€"

With the Islamic State to reveal an alleged new video of a beheading recorded in Mosul (pictured below) and a few days of the NATO Summit in Cardiff, the United Kingdom press, so the security measures at border crossings to try to anticipate a possible terrorist attack from fundamentalists who have been spreading terror in Syria and in Iraq.

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sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

The electronic cigarettes in the different European countries

A piece of France 2 realize that in France, the sale to minors is forbidden since March 2014. When it comes to hotels, cafes and restaurants, it is up to each establish their own rules.

A story of TVE addresses the harm of cigarettes, which in recent years had become the crutch of who wanted to quit smoking.

Rai Uno television says that the e-cigarette has passed sets in Italy, where there are 11 million smokers. Italian legislation already imposes limitations on the use of these devices.

The World Health Organization's recommendations deserved also prominence in RTP, which was to hear the opinion of the Portuguese Association of companies of electronic cigarettes.