sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2016

And all the waters flooded

Hundreds of homes were flooded in Southwest Romania. Nearly 300 people had to be resettled. In Resita, Caras Severin County it rained for almost 24 hours. A red alert was issued after the river Barzava have overflowed. Floods in Salaj caught by surprise a woman and her two children, killing one of the children.

We also believe that there are images that do not need explanation or any comment. This is why we created No Comment and then No Comment TV ...

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quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2016

Daesh column air strike in Fallujah: one of the most deadly

American sources point to 250 dead on the side of the self-proclaimed Islamic State and for destruction of 40 vehicles, when the Organization's members traveled in column in an attempt to reach safe territory.

The attack was South of Fallujah, in a given zone have no civilians. Both Governments, of the United States and the Iraqi, had already given the city of Fallujah as free from Daesh, after being one of their bastions, from 2014.

The Iraqi aviation Commander Hamid Atiya Al-Maliki said: "we destroyed more than 138 vehicles and killed all who went inside. They left the bodies behind and took some wounded fighters with them. This operation broke the spine of terrorism. "

To confirm and stabilize the numbers, that the same American sources say may still change, this will be among the deadliest attacks on Daesh, which does not diminish the scaremongering about the aims and action capacity of the terrorist organization.

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Turkey: Secret Services would be aware of threats against the airport of Istanbul

The Turkey fulfilled a national day of mourning for the victims of Tuesday's attack against the airport of Istanbul.

An action attributed to the Group Islamic State, either by Ankara, want even by the United States, but that has not yet been claimed.

The authorities have already identified 37 of 42 fatalities now, among which 10 are foreign nationals.

Of the 239 injured by triple attack, 130 people are still hospitalized.

Some of the victims were buried on Wednesday, as an official of the airport.

Among the dead is also a Tunisian man who repatriava his son, arrested by jihadism in Turkey.

The suicide bombing does amount to more than 270 the number of people killed by terrorism in the country, in the last 12 months.

A wave of terrorist actions considered a "test" by the Turkish President:

"The Turkey is being tested, to be the target of the most brutal terrorist groups. I have no doubt that we will overcome terror, terrorist organizations and terrorist attacks, "said Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

A speech which does not seem to convince a majority of the population.

More than two hundred people demonstrated in Istanbul against insecurity and the lack of government action.

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Scenes of grief at the morgue of Istanbul

So far, the Turkish authorities confirmed 41 deaths in the wake of the attack, including several foreigners.

Osman Günay lost a childhood friend: "He had picked up a friend at the airport and that happened when you were leaving. He was shot. A policeman jumped over one of the suicide bombers. Sacrificed herself to save many ".

There are still more than 100 injured, spread over 20 hospitals in Istanbul. The Turkish Health Ministry has confirmed that there are 48 people in intensive care, including several in critical condition.

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Angola: Supreme Court frees remaining 16 activists and Luaty Beirão

The Angolan Supreme Court ordered the release of 17 activists, including the lusoangolano Luaty Beirão, who were serving time since 28 March for alleged sedition and Association of malefactors. Convicted with penalties up to eight and a half years in prison, the activists had planned to move the Supreme Court to July 5 and ask for explanations by the habeas corpus asking for their release and that would be under consideration for 2 months. The decision, after all, anticipated this visit.

The Portuguese section of Amnesty International welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court of Angola to release the 17 activists convicted of rebellion, but the Executive Director has ensured that the Organization will continue to fight for unconditional release. The head of Amnesty International (AI) Portugal, Pedro Neto, told Lusa have rec eived "very, very, much joy" the news. "We welcome the collective Supreme judges by that decision, it seems, unanimous," he said, whereas the decision represents "a big step forward in the process" and "a very significant and important step".

Family, friends and lawyers outside the chain of Luanda awaiting release of activists

Pedro Neto said to still be trying to figure out the contours of this liberation, referring to the activists should be subject to term of identity and residence. "We continue to insist on the unconditional freedom, because this trial made no sense and they are not guilty of anything. That's why we hit ", guaranteed.

For Portugal, the process THERE "not over". "We will continue to work until it is unconditional freedom and human rights and justice are somehow restored," promised Kamil.

The Executive Director of the Organization pointed out that last week, in a meeting sponsored by the Organization in Lisbon, the daughter of one of the activists arrested. "As soon as I got this news, I remembered the child and probably will soon be able to hug his father. And that's why we hit, "he said.

The Angolan Supreme Court upheld the ' habeas corpus ' presented by the defense of 17 activists Angolans and ordered his release, announced the Lusa lawyer Michele Francisco. "I can announce that I just got the call from the Supreme Court saying it will be released. Is confirmed and I will now watch outside, "he told Lusa the Attorney, alluding to the response to the ' habeas corpus ' which was to be decided since April, requesting that the activists stand on freedom of decision resources to condemnation, for rebellion and Association of malefactors.

The same information was also confirmed to Lusa by defense lawyer David Mendes, who said not knowing yet the arguments to the Supreme Court.

Defense confirms release of activists today #RAPolítica

Most of the young activists was arrested on 20 June 2015, in a police operation in Luanda. The 17 ended up sentenced to imprisonment for acts preparatory to an effective rebellion and Association of wrongdoers (footer record news of the conviction of Luaty Beirão). Started immediately doing time, in spite of the appeal lodged on the s ame day for the defense.

MEP Marisa Matias (left bloc) welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court of Angola to release the 17 activists convicted of rebellion. "It's the least you could do justice," said ex-candidada also the Portuguese Presidency, assuming "very happy."

Good! #Angola #PresosPoliticos

"We have long struggled here in the European Parliament for this day to come and these political prisoners were released," said Lusa Marisa Matias, assuming that this decision was "more than expected". "It's the least you could do justice", MEP, who defended endorsed the resolution adopted last year by the European Parliament, on the "incessant attempts" of the Angolan authorities to limit th e freedoms of speech, of the press and of peaceful assembly and of Association.

Marisa Matias stressed that the release of the activists is "very important", but "it's just one more step" in the process, that "it's not over". For dancing, is about "a matter that goes far beyond what is reasonable in terms of not allowed freedom of expression and Association". "There was no legal reason to keep them locked up, not to be a political issue. I'm glad you won justice, argued.

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Bombing attributed to the HEY causes dozens of dead in Istanbul Airport

The Group Islamic State (EI) can be at the source of the attack that hit the airport of Istanbul, according to the Turkish authorities.

At least 36 people died and more than 140 were injured after three suicide bombers have triggered explosive charges in the international terminal and a parking lot to the Terminal.

The men, armed with machine guns, hand grenades and explosives belts, would have fired on several people before detonating the bombs.

Two videos, disseminated through social networks, show the moment of the explosion inside the Terminal.

Ataturk Airport v ideo of the explosion ...

Live images taken at Atatürk Airport bomb attack is seen running in the opposite direction before people.

A second video shows one of the attackers was shot by police before he set off his explosive belt (violent images).

Here's those moments. There he would be worse things, maybe the police vurmasa the bomber. #AtaturkHavalimani #terörelanetolsun

A witness reports:

"I was sealing my bags when I heard the explosion. The police said t hat we slept on the floor. The machine that seals the luggage was in metal and protected us from the exchange of fire between police and the attackers. I saw someone who was shot by me and then I saw the bomb explode inside the x-ray machine. The explosion killed everyone who was in the area. I got up and when I looked out the window I saw another shooting ".

A Turkish airport, Internet, published on social networks this image of a Kalashnikov submachine gun abandoned on the ground, apparently belonging to one of the attackers.

I'm going to ask you one thing! How did our perfume genius sokamadığımız this airport?

Another video shows one of the attackers walking the site of the bombing, armed with a machine gun.

pt #Turkey | Another video about the attack in #Ataturk airport - media

Among the victims are several foreigners, although the majority is of Turkish nationality.

Of the more than one hundred injured, at least six were in critical condition tonight.

The Turkish Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim, a visit to the airport after the attack, rejected a security flaw:

"Investigations indicate that this attack was carried out by the Group Islamic State. There was no security holes. The fact that the bomber s have bombs and guns increased the gravity of the situation ".

The terrorist action, which was not claimed, is the 11th and one of the deadliest recorded in the country since June last year.

The attack occurred a few hours after Turkey have allowed NATO to strengthen patrolling the country's border with Syria, to prevent the entry and exit of jihadists.

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quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2016

United Kingdom: the revolt of the 48% against Brexit on the streets of London

Thousands of people demonstrated Tuesday in Trafalgar Square to the British Parliament, to say no to exit from the country of the EU.

The protest takes place in the same time a petition on the Internet, demanding a new referendum, has collected more than 4 million signatures.

The cry of revolt of the 48% of voters who failed to prevent the ' Brexit ' in the polls.

"I am against the Division of England. And I don't like hearing about a majority in favour of the Brexit. Two countries have voted to stay and two countries voted to get out ".

"We could end up in a Britain isolated , disconnected from the world, when we live in an increasingly interconnected world. I fear for my future in this way seem to want to put us in a box ".

"Pain is like a break and we can't think of anything else. It is a tragedy that we have come to this situation ".

In the city of London, 75% of residents voted in favour of staying in the country in the EU.

A rejection of the Brexit that was repeated also in Scotland and in Northern Ireland, where the majority of inhabitants voted in favour of the "Remain".

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