sexta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2014

Obama wants to regularize the situation of about 5 million illegal immigrants

In this respect, the Democrat Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, throws accusations to Republicans, who already held the majority in the House of representatives:

"We waited years for Congress to act and Congress didn't act. The House of representatives acted not in 2013. Didn't act in 2014. The President waited. Now, we can within our competence, correct what everyone recognizes as an immigration system that doesn't work. "

The American press says that the measures that the Chief of State will announce benefit parents of children with u.s. citizenship and people who have on-call documents for an indefinite period.

"I ask the President Barack Obama is to be as generous as possible, include and House as many people as possible, because some people want to work to give their children a stable future," says Mayda, an emigrant, mother of a child who has American nationality.

The Republicans consider that this plan is unconstitutional, saying it amounts to an amnesty, and that will encourage illegal immigration.

Duchess of Alba, the aristocrat par excellence

Doña Cayetana was born on 28 March 1926, in the Palacio da Líria, in Madrid. She is the daughter of Jacoco Fitz-Stuart y Falcó, the Duke of Alba, and Maria del Rosario de Silva and Gurtubay, who died when he was only 6-year-old Cayetana a circumstance that would make your hectic life forever. In 1953 his father died too, and Caytana became, at the age of 27 years, in the 18th Duchess of Alba. He studied in Paris, after leaving Spain, with the arrival of the Republic in 1931. Also lived in London, but his real home was in Seville, where he had the most precious of its beautiful probriedades: the Palacio de Dueñas.

Considered an early woman to his time, the goddaughter of Alfonso XIII became the 18TH Duchess of Alba after the death of his father, devoting much of his life to maintenance and conservation of the heritage of the House of Alba.

Had a heritage valued at approximately 3,000 million-according to Forbes magazine â€" which includes palaces, castles, fields and farmland, investments in the stock market, artworks and other goods.

Royalist and defender of the Crown, a friend of Juan Carlos and Sofia, and "happy" with the arrival of Felipe VI to the throne, the Duchess has always been a woman in love for life.

Doña Cayetana was 20 times Great of Spain, had a wider list of titles than any other Aristocrat in Europe. Was a Countess, Marchioness and Viscountess, in addition to being the favorite daughter of Andalusia and Seville's adoptive daughter. Above all, for all, was despite the line descended from Spanish Duchess be of an illegitimate son, Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart, Cayetana is considered a descendant of Stuart, the main Scottish Royal House.

Considered an early woman to his time, the goddaughter of Alfonso XIII, has devoted much of his life to maintenance and conservation of the heritage of the House of Alba.

He married three times: the first, with Luis Martinez de Irujo, with whom he had six children. Martínez de Irujo died in 1972. Married with the Jesuit Jesus Aguirre-a marriage that aroused a lot of discussions in society by ' perky ' photographic poses â€" and, finally, with Alfonso Diez.

With the death of Cayetana de Alba goes away a woman who represents an unprecedented era, with figures of great historic importance, advance the soial media in Spain.

As a child played with Queen Elizabeth II of England, met Churchill, Onassis and the Kennedys and received in your House Sofia Loren, Claudia Cardinale and Audrey Hepburn.

One of the most recognizable figures of the nobility and of the ' jet-set ' Spanish, Cayetana has always been distinguished by how they related to the citizens of Seville and the rest of Spain, following a motto that it advocated: "live and let live".

María del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Paloma Fernanda Teresa Francisca de Paula Lourdes Antonia Josefa Fausta Rita Castor Dorotea Santa Esperanza Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva y Gurtubay Falcó or, simply, Cayetana de Alba said always have had a life lived with intensity, as if there were no tomorrow, enjoying the maximum ".

quinta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2014

Looking for a poet

The archaeologist Javier Navarro heads the project based on the studies of researcher Miguel Caballero:

"May cause some relief, the bitterness between the two Spains, divided by civil war. The discovery of the remains of the person most sought after the civil war, the myth around Lorca, will be a balm to the society, "said Caballero.

The works are based on studies of Caballero and in articles by journalist Eduardo Molina Fajardo pointing Peñón del Colorado as the place where it was buried García Lorca.

Second International Conference on nutrition

Under the aegis of the United Nations food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the World Health Organization (who), the Conference runs until day 21.

"Something is wrong. A part of our unbalanced world still starve; other party stuff-if, leading to obesity to bring down average life expectancy and rising health care costs to astronomical figures, "said Margaret Chan, Director-General of who.

In the documents adopted this Wednesday set out recommendations for policies and programs to address nutrition issues in multiple sectors.

In turn, the framework for Action recognizes that Governments have the primary role and responsibility to respond to issues and nutritional challenges, in dialogue with a wide range of actors, including civil society, the private sector and affected communities.

According to FAO, despite records of hunger have fallen 21% since the biennium 1990/1992, more than 800 million people in the world still suffer from hunger.

Lavrov accused Western powers of Moscow demonizarem

"The current negative trend in global relations is not our choice. There is a real possibility of mutually beneficial and equitable cooperation between Russia and the European Union, although there is a lot that unites us. The deterioration in the cooperation between Russia and its western partners have undoubtedly consequences at various levels, which are not limited to the economic field. "

This Tuesday, the Foreign Ministers of Germany and Russia met in Moscow with Ukraine as a backdrop. This meeting didn't work out news.

quarta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2014

Mutiny in youth detention centre of Bogotá

Anti-riot forces used tear gas to try to contain the uproar provoked by detainees in the prison of El Redentor ". The prisoners used mattresses, stones and all kinds of makeshift projectiles against the prison guards.

The riot forced also to the intervention of firefighters to extinguish various fires kindled by the detainees.

At least 27 elements of the security forces and several prisoners were injured.

In total, 43 prisoners escaped during the riot, but 20 were quickly caught by police.

Eastern Europe live winter of ' e-revolution '

In Romania, the voters rode into the internet to denounce the lack of polling stations during the two rounds of the presidential elections.

The conda on Facebook, Lucian Mandruta, Romanian activist in social networks, had an unimaginable adhesion between the two ballots. For him, the internet allows people to challenge the authorities easily.

Lucian Mandruta â€" Before, only we had television. The tablets, and smartphones were in second position. It is no longer the case. Laptops and androids supplanted the first screen. Lack interactivity to television; through her only hear people tell you what to think, how to vote and how to behave.

More than 10 thousand Hungarians also joined in a "journey of indignation" in Budapest to protest against corruption, which has been a gangrene in the institutions of the country. The organizers asked the political parties to do not represent. The idea was well received by young and old gathered through social networks.

"Currently, Facebook is very important for people of my generation, not just for the young", advocates an activist.

"Increasingly elderly people join via Facebook, which is proud and happy," says another.

The organisers of these demonstrations, a collective of students, activists and artists, have stated that they took, just, advantage of the outcry, which now could be channeled against the policy of the Government.

Countries like Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria are facing discontent from some sectors of the population but also an enormous activism in order to create socio-political alternatives.

In Bulgaria, the frequent demonstrations have led the Government to resign. Thousands of people gathered to denounce the rising prices of electricity and corruption.

The Governments of these countries will have to provide evidence on behalf of the social estabildade.