segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2014

Nepal: still missing about 40 people in the Himalayas

The violent storm of snow, which befell the mountain range of the Himalayas, reached more than five hundreds of climbers.

Are missing nearly 40 people were recovered approximately the same number of bodies. The search continues to be complicated:

"The ground is good, but the weather and the height of snow hamper our movements. Since yesterday the weather improved but, despite having stopped snowing, the wind is very strong. So while there is strong wind is very difficult the helicopters doing their job, "said the spokesperson of the Nepali army.

This Saturday were deployed 12 aircraft to the search, but there are inaccessible areas where it is impossible to land. The likelihood of an increase in the number of dead is great.

Seven Israeli climbers, who survived to that which is already considered one of the worst accidents in the mountains of Nepal, returned home this Sunday:

"I've been there two nights ago, I was completely buried in the snow, about 15 the 4:0 pm. And the other night I was out of snow until the rescue team came to pick me up, "says one of the survivors.

More than 370 people have been rescued. About 230 of survivors are foreign nationals, among them French, Germans and Austrians. Among the victims are Canadians, Indians, Israelis and poles.

Catholic Bishops fail to accord greater inclusion of homosexuals and divorced

The two weeks of debate were not sufficient to change the position of the more conservative prelates as Pope Francisco.

The proposals for a greater inclusion of homosexuals and divorced by the Catholic Church does not have the two-thirds of votes needed to approve the final document.

"I think these issues will continue to be debated next year, especially in relation to divorced that they marry and homosexuals. The document does not solve the problem because the bishops have different opinions "Thomas j. Reese, an analyst for the National Catholic Reporter.

Differences that led to some tensions. Yet, so, Francisco makes a positive assessment of the Synod, from the outset, the debate of ideas.

The Hong Kong Government is available to negotiate

For the next next Tuesday is already scheduled a meeting with the students, but few believe in the good intentions of the Executive due to clashes of last night.

Forced on the eve, abandoning some of the areas occupied since late September, pro-democracy protesters returned to measure forces with police in symbolic district of Mong Kok. On the other hand batons and pepper spray, the other umbrellas and criticize the excessive use of force.

Early in the morning the police turned out to retreat and the demonstrators have set up the camps, before being dismantled by the forces of order.

At least 15 people were injured and 26 were arrested. Among them is an American photojournalist who, however, has already been released on bail.

domingo, 19 de outubro de 2014

Mexico: protest in Acapulco by 43 young missing

One protester says that "people are tired. Drug traffickers have infiltrated all government institutions; are they that direct and that they say what will be done or not. "

The 43 young people, aged between 17 and 21 years disappeared the 26 September, following clashes provoked by policemen and gunmen with alleged links to drug trafficking, which also made six dead and 25 wounded.

sábado, 18 de outubro de 2014

Brazil: Detained suspect of serial killers

Thiago Gomes da Rocha, of 26 years, was arrested in Goiania in Central Brazil, and have confessed to the deaths of 39 people since 2011.

Among the victims there are at least 16 girls, 15 men and eight beggars, homeless.

The mother of one of the youths allegedly killed by Thiago is pleased with the arrest of the suspect:

"Justice will be done Now and I'm relieved to get that monster out of circulation," he said.

The suspect has revealed to the police that she didn't know the victims. He felt a sudden rage of everything, which only spent killing people. Then I felt remorse and anger, he killed again.

But the defense lawyer says he denies the facts.

"There's going to be a police investigation to see the evidence and the expertise and what they have against him really. I talked to him yesterday and denied the facts. "

The victims were felled by a guy driving a motorcycle. The police found in the suspect's domicile a 38 caliber revolver, a motorcycle and two stolen registration plates. The investigation has confirmed the coincidence of the weapon in the death of six of the victims.

Biden's son tests positive for cocaine

44-year-old lawyer joined a reserve unit in may 2013 passing part of the Public Relations Department of Norfolk, in the East of the country, part-time arrangements.

A month later underwent tests of drug control, having tested positive for cocaine. Was eventually dismissed in February this year, but the case became public only now.

Hunter Biden who said he was remorseful, regretted the embarrassment caused to the family.

sexta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2014

Spain/Bankia: million-dollar Bail for Rodrigo Rato and Miguel Blesa

The two are accused of having used and granted credit cards the executives and advisers of the Bank with an estimated 16 million loss in an alleged fraudulent scheme of rewards.

The defendants claim innocence.

The current President of Bankia, Jose Ignacio Goirigolzarri, "ensures that all are practices of the past and now have to work to demonstrate that there is a bright future for the Bank".

But outside the Court, dozens of people protested against the defendants. In 2012, the Bankia was forced to resort to the European Rescue Fund, the largest of its kind in the history process of Spain to deal with the hole of 19 billion euros. The merger process of the seven banks in origin of Bankia was marred by suspicions of irregularities.