quarta-feira, 23 de julho de 2014

Israeli offensive on Gaza continues

Israel continues to attack targets in Gaza and ensure that the cease-fire is not for short. Despite u.s. and UN continue to ask for the end of the fighting that has already claimed the lives of more than 600 people.

For the third day in a row, Israel concentrated their attacks in the Sejaiya, which considers Hamas stronghold, one of the major launch of roquetes and preparation of large-scale attacks against Israelis.

Israel accuses the movement of using civilians as human shields in violation of the Geneva Conventions, to prevent their evacuation of this area, despite the warnings of the Israeli Defense Force.

However Hamas continues also to launch missiles against Israel, a fell near the country's largest international airport, injuring two people, according to local authorities.

In Israel, in Netivot, hundreds of people attended the funeral of a Ethiopian soldier killed, according to Israeli sources, during an attempted infiltration from Hamas. Effective 27 have died since the beginning of the conflict.

Netherlands: the first bodies of victims from flight MH17 arrive this Wednesday

Of the 298 people who lost their lives, 193 were of Dutch nationality. The bodies have to be identified and funerals may take some time.

At a press conference, asked Lyndon justice and asked the European Union to press Russia to do more. "Our priorities are the return of our citizens, an independent investigation and justice," he said.

The head of the Dutch Government spoke this morning by telephone with the Russian President. Vladimir Putin wants the investigation about to be assigned to the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Fighting in Donetsk

The city remains in the hands of the militias, but Kiev has already made it known that not for much longer.

The explosion reports arrive in the center of the city and of heavy artillery fire. A nine-storey building located between the airport and the railway station have been hit by a projectile. It is unknown for now the number of victims resulting from the confrontations.

The ongoing counter-terrorism operation in the East of the country have caused dozens of deaths, many civilians.

terça-feira, 22 de julho de 2014

Gaza Strip: Ban Ki Moon and UN calls for immediate ceasefire

Ban Ki-moon meets with Abbas in Qatar, reiterates call for immediate ceasefire http://t.co/QFJDI5exl0 pic.twitter.com/2giCMom7FD

"I repeat my plea: both parties must respect international human rights laws. The violence has to stop immediately. Gaza is an open wound and we have to stop the blood. During my trip through the region, I will insist on a cease-fire, "said Ban Ki Moon, reporters, after meeting with Abbas.

On Sunday night â€" already the early hours of Monday in Lisbon, the UN Security Council met, however, emergency in New York and reiterated the words of the Secretary-General, also demanding an immediate end to the bloodshed in Gaza.

Security Council calls for respect of intl humanitarian law, incl protection of civilians. #Gaza pic.twitter.com/zszF5aKBLW â€" more via RwandaUN<p>â€" United Nations (UN) 21 julho 2014

The recent wave of clashes between Israel and Hamas, with the Gaza Strip as a main stage, and that were started two weeks ago with the launch of "operation Protective Margin" by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), had on Sunday that what is considered, so far as the bloodiest day: more than 100 Palestinians and at least 13 Israeli soldiers killedas a result of the ground offensive (see video of one of the missions of the IDF at the end of the text), which began Thursday night, supported by tanks and supported by Israeli air force, in response to alleged uninterrupted launch of roquetes by Hamas.

ROCKET COUNT: Hamas has fired 1,820 rockets at Israel since July 8. That's 140 rockets every day pic.twitter.com/yr2xCOMMwJ

Overall, since the day on July 8, the records point to about 450 dead â€" the vast majority Palestinian civilians, including women and children â€" and more than 2600 wounded.

"Massacre" in a neighborhood of Gaza

A two-hour truce in Gaza were not sufficient to remove player the wounded and the dead zones bombed by Israel.

The Shijaiya area was the target of several attacks, part of the population fled, those who remained received support of emergency teams but the time was not enough to remove all the wounded.

The Euronews reporter realize end of truce: "it's the end of the ceasefire, we heard the sound of explosions, people say that we need to move quickly."

"It's not a two-hour ceasefire, we don't have time to take all of the wounded here. Just pulled a small number of people. There are many more, and many were killed. Two hours of truce is not enough to evacuate all locations. We ask God to extend or renew the ceasefire to save other people. "

The attack on the Israeli Army perpetrated in the suburb of Gaza Shahaiya, killed about a hundred Palestinians and 13 Israeli soldiers. More than 200 people were injured.

Hamas announced the kidnapping of a soldier in Hebrew but the side of authorities Talavive the abduction has not been confirmed.

Israel buries the dead

"In spite of this operation include many risks she has a goal because if those tunnels had not been exposed, the result would be much worse."

During a short period of truce, Israel also had the opportunity to do the evacuation by air, your wounded.

Just this Sunday died more than a dozen Israeli soldiers.

segunda-feira, 21 de julho de 2014

MH17 flight: mourning Dutch shaken by images of corpses abandoned

A pilot says, "of course I fly every week and it's not the first time we've flown over problem areas, and everybody think we're safe, but apparently it's not always like that, and that's why we have to know what really happened."

"I think the Dutch politicians assumed to have a correct attitude of retention, because do not know yet what happened and I think it is important to have an objective position," said a passenger.

Despite doubts about the causes of the crash, the Dutch Foreign Minister, visiting Kiev, did not hide his fury and anger "against the treatment given to the bodies of the victims, while some of which remain abandoned in the incident on Thursday.