segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2016

UN Security Council promises to strengthen sanctions on North Korea

The UN Security Council "strongly condemned the launch" of a fogetão announced by North Korea, which the international community suspects is a new ballistic missile test.

According to the United Nations, the North Korean firing resorted to "ballistic missile technology," which constitute a "dangerous and serious violation" of UN resolutions.

The release announced by Pyonyang is seen as a new challenge to the international community, after the nuclear test of 6 January, and threatens to strengthen the tensions on the Korean peninsula.

South Korea's Ambassador to the UN said that North Korea "has made an explicit statement to the world: that is determined to c ontinue to challenge the community of Nations and threaten world peace and security, which is scandalous and unacceptable".

Despite reticence from China, an ally of Pyongyang, said Security Council willing to "quickly adopt a new resolution to strengthen sanctions against the North Korean regime.

The Ambassador of the United States at the United Nations said it will try to "with all members of the Council, join in a quick and aggressive response to the repeated violations of the North Coreira, which constitute a threat to peace and direct enough global security".

The regime of Kim Jong-Un stated that the launch which provoked international anger aimed to "put into orbit a Land observation satellite, which Pyongyang said was done" with success, "Although there is currently an independent confirmation.

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France: Ex-Foreign Legion Commander arrested during protest

During a protest in France, the French town where thousands of migrants pile up to try to escape to the United Kingdom, the former Commander of the French Foreign Legion Christian Piquemal was detained by authorities, after a disturbance.

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Refugees: Macedonia reinforces border with Greece

The Macedonian army started erecting a second barrier with barbed wire of 37 kilometres to allow an effective reaction of the authorities in the face of anyone who tries to break the rules of entry into the country.

Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia agreed last week to extend the exchange of information and prevent the entry of those who do not have travel documents.

For refugees, the entry is allowed, but face interviews with the border police.

In addition there are still social setbacks. On Saturday, Macedonian taxi drivers blocked the railways.

Require that the Government consider taxis as an alternative for transporting migrants to Serbia, as well as buses and trains.

At the border, the police questioned people, which makes the slow entry process. For some migrants is time to wait until they are allowed passage into the heart of Europe or trying to follow on foot.

"I don't understand why they closed the border, we don't want to stay in their country. I don't know why. The food is not important to us, we just want to leave this place, "says a migrant.

The conditions of entry into the European Union are becoming more difficult, there will be a plan of 28 to send more patrols to the border of Macedonia.

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USA: Festival "break the ice" and submerged cars in Lake Geneva

Front row seat to the sinking cars in #LakeGeneva #Winterfest!!

Several cars were partially submerged after the ice of the Lake have given in to the weight of the vehicles.

The incident caused no casualties, according to the firefighters who were called to intervene on site.

Front row seat to the sinking cars in #LakeGeneva #Winterfest!!

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domingo, 7 de fevereiro de 2016

North Korea may launch "satellite" from Sunday

The confirmation was given by the International Maritime Bureau. The UN body says it has received the notification, after several changes to the launch window that is located now between 8 and 25.

The intention to Pyongyang raises apprehension on the part of neighbors Japan and South Korea and other countries of the international community, as the United States and China.

There is fear of another missile test

A UN resolution banning North Korea from using ballistic missile technology.

Naval assets were mobilized by the South Koreans to be able to detect the launch.

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Syria: Aleppo battle causes tens of thousands of refugees

The battle of Aleppo is causing a new wave of tens of thousands of refugees along the border between Syria and Turkey.

In the last few hours about 20 1000 afluiram the people of frontier post of Bab al-Salam, which is closed.

Ankara, which hosts more than two million Syrian refugees, says that may be more than 70 1000 people fleeing fighting between rebels and the army, supported by Russian bombing.

The flow of refugees continues to grow since the beginning of the operation of the scheme in early February, to regain control of the city of Aleppo, controlled by opposition forces.

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Bodies of padre Pio and São Leopoldo Mandic is already in the Vatican

The relics arrived in Rome on Wednesday and were in the Basilica of Saint Lawrence outside the walls to the solemn procession Friday.

Body of Padre Pio Takes Journey to be Displayed at the Vatican

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