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Nice: Prime Minister Manuel Valls reacts to booing during tribute

"You are not worthy because it was a tribute to the victims and because there are still victims fighting for their lives"

The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls (Socialist Party) reacted to protests during the tribute to the victims of the attack with a truck on the night of 14 July, which resulted in 84 dead. Valls has been the object of criticism, whistles, insults and calls for resignation.

The French Prime Minister said that "the whistles" and "insults" were not "worthy of a ceremony."

"You are not worthy," said Valls, "because it was a tribute to the victims, and when there are still victims fighting for their lives."

Many of those who watched the ceremony protested the Prime Minister even during the moment of silence by 84 dead of the attack with a truck on the promenade des Anglais, the marginal Mediterranean city route.

Manuel Valls booed by a hundred people during his visit to Bastia (Corsica) ➡️ https://t.co/wWkc7vEUBb pic.twitter.com/yzEQCMtOu0

Nice resident, Antony Fernandez criticized the Government's response after the attacks in Paris November 2015.

"I don't think you have the correct answer to this kind of situations. What have they done so far to keep us safe? And you expect us to do now? We cry for the dead every six months? Now it was in Nice, earlier had been in Paris an d I think we're going to continue with this, "said Fernandez.

Another resident in the city of Nice, Francesco, an Italian citizen said to understand the people's revolt, compared the reactions of today's French and Italian Governments in the face of attacks such as the Nice and said that Paris and Rome were not so different, because an attack as the day July 14 was not easy to control:

"I'm not sure where people are thinking right now. The Government seems to have lost control of things. It seems impossible, but the same thing happens in Italy. It was a mad man and that's not so easy to stop. Is uncontrollable. "

Moreover, the role of the French Government has been widely criticized by the center-right opposition to Nicol as Sarkozy. The likely candidate for the presidential elections to 2017 and former President of the Republic said the Government hasn't done-Valls Hollande enough to protect the French. The Government and some members of the Socialist majority in the National Assembly (Parliament, lower house) criticized the position of Sarkozy and some prominent figures of the centre-right, appealing to "decency," since France was "still grieving".

A truck has advanced for two kilometres on a crowd at the promenade des Anglais in Nice, to watch the Fireworks to celebar the storming of the Bastille.

84 people were killed and 202 were injured, among them a Portuguese citizen. One of the dead is a brazilian citizen. Two other Brazilians still missing.

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