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Nice attack: social networks on the internet help you find baby of 8 months

Movement of panic! #Nice

In June, two days before the start of the Euro2016 of football, the French Interior Ministry has launched a new civilian alert system in the event of serious emergencies, the SAIP (warning and information System of the population). On the first occasion on which should have been used, failed. Just to 1:34 (minus 1 hour in Lisbon) this Friday â€" about 3 hours after the attack â€" the SAIP signaled.

#Nice06 spread no rumors and post no images or shocking photos on social networks.

With the national alert system, Gendarmerie also social networks was used. It was around the French military police asked the peop le, in a publication to local 11:48 pm, they weren't spread rumors or if repartilhassem the photos and videos of shocking content on social networks; another, at 11:57 pm, so that so that it doesn't obstruíssem the ongoing relief operations and to avoid the city centre of Nice.

At 1:37, this Friday, just minutes after the SAIP have given the late attack alarm, the national police reinforced the appeal against the repartilha of images of shocking content, asking who found for the report to respective governmental service signal of French illegal content on the internet.

A public information cell has been implemented, can be reached at 04 93 72 22 22 #Nice06

By 11:21 pm, the regional newspaper Nice Matin published the first "twit" with the "hashtag" to refer to open doors in Nice for those who fled the danger and sought refuge. "If you are looking for a place to be safe use the #PortesOuvertesNice," midnight on the dot, the same newspaper gave account of the availability of the local taxi drivers to help, for free, people evacuating the marginal zone of Nice, where he had given the attack.

If you are looking for a place to put you away use the #PortesOuvertesNice

By 12:38 am the official account on Twitter of the Nice village resorted to this same "hastag ' to advise residents to stay at home, the people that they were scared on the street to seek refuge and those who were already safely commemorating that even through the respective special application created last year by Facebook.

Stay in your home. You can use #PortesOuvertesNice to find a refuge and think to say "safely" on Facebook

The social network of Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook's safety Center with the difficulties of communication during natural disasters in mind. The alert system is over, interestingly, by being released during the terrorist attacks of November 13, in Paris, having become important also in other bombings recorded, for example, in Istanbul and Brussels.

Several officials, including the Gendarmerie, resorted to social networking to appeal for donations of blood in hospitals in Nice, where dozens injured as a result of the attack are receiving assistance. According to French President François Holande there will be at least 50 people betwee n life and death, among the more than 100 who will be in need of assistance.

❗️ #Attentat you can give your blood, #Nice06 and everywhere in France. See EFS_Officiel <a href="">#DonDuSang</a><a href=""></a><p>-GendarmerieNationale (mounted police) 15 July 2016

By 11:49 pm, @H88Thomas Twitter account used for the first time the hashtag #RechercheNice alongside, interestingly, of #PortesOuvertesNice. "Do not hesitate to use", I meant the publication, referring to both the "hashtags". The latter means "in search in Nice" is being used by those looking for family, friends or acquaintances who would be in Nice at the time of the attack.

#NICE: feel free to use #PortesOuvertesNice and #rechercheNice

Thanks to social networks there is at least one story less sad. Happy, by the way. Very happy, even. Shortly after midnight, by 12:13 am, a woman, Tiava Banner, turned to Facebook to publish an appeal seeking a baby eight months ago, lost in the confusion of the attack.

This Friday afternoon, the 15 hours, new message from the same woman, who was keen to clarify not be the child's mother. The baby was found. "Thank you Catherine Preun which took the reflection of collect small and keep it safe," reads a message extending thanks also to Joy Ruez, to Facebook and to all who have helped to retrieve the child.

#NiceAttack l the happy story of 8 months old baby lost. To 12:13 am, a call to your search. At 3:00 pm: Found.

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