domingo, 17 de julho de 2016

Nice attack: The physical and psychological wounds of whom lived moments of horror

At the hospital in Nice the wounded relatives accompany the evolve of your state of health. There are a lot of people in very serious condition. The total casualties amounted to more than a hundred, among them many children. The wounded passenger cars come home with physical but also psychological wounds:

"There were people on the ground. Just people on the ground. Many, many ... I tried not to look, I tried to look up. I didn't want to see ... It was very painful, too painful, "Karim Laamara vents, one of the survivors.

In Nice, to watch the Fireworks, there were many foreigners who have lived moments of panic:

"I was walking toward the truck but turned a round before on a side street. I heard the bang of the shock, people screaming, and then they flashed by me. My wife was too scared, so we started them both running.

Our block of flats was around the corner, on the street below. We heard the sirens all night. People running ... There were soldiers down the street to prevent people from going down. To be honest, it was a distressing scene, "concludes the tourist Andy Shaw.

It was the end of the night that a goods truck invaded the site where watching the fireworks. The man shot people before advancing on them and be shot down.

The moment when the police come to the van after firing on the author of the attack

Attack kills 84 in Nice, in France. Follow in real time: #G1

The police identify victims

#Nice06 the disaster victims identification unit began its delicate task of identification.

The explanation, through map, the events

#Actu #NiceAttentat a map of the uncoiled from the events of the night

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