domingo, 17 de julho de 2016

French police confirmed Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel as author of the attack in Nice

The French police raided this morning, to the House where lived Lahouaiej Bouhlel, Tunisian Mohamed, resident in France, the French Prosecutor confirmed as being "terrorist", words of François Moulins, which killed more than 80 people in Nice. The neighbors are shocked but, one of the neighbors speak of a strange man:

"He looked at us funny, not even held at the door when we arrived after he closed the door for us in the face. Frankly, it wasn't normal.

Was getting gray hair, was about 35 years old. But I would say it was a type of man that appeals to women. We couldn't imagine this.

Not scary but ... Had a look ... Fixed a lot of the look on the kids, "s ays Hanan.

Their identification documents were found inside the truck. DNA tests confirmed his identity.

Bouhlel, delivery driver, had three children and was divorced, or be in the process of separation. His ex-wife was arrested, preemptively, by the police for questioning.

Had the police register, related crimes, among other things, with domestic violence, would have at least one conviction for violence with use of gun, but authorities suspected of links to a terrorist cell.

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