sexta-feira, 18 de abril de 2014

Algeria: Bouteflika voted for wheelchair

This is the first public appearance of Bouteflika since he suffered a stroke which caused cerebral speech and mobility problems.

At the age of 77 years, and there are 15 in Office, is given as the winner.

Ali Benflis is his main opponent. Already defeated in 2004 presidential, the former Prime Minister by Bouteflika points the finger fraud â€" which had already denounced for 10 years.

Benflis campaigned against electoral fraud and has managed to mobilise 60,000 observers to the polling stations throughout the country.

Among the 6 candidates, one woman: Louisa Hanounehead, of the labour party.

To protect the 23 million voters called to the polls, 260 thousand policemen and guards were mobilized.

Nevertheless, in Bouira, in the southeast of the country, a group of citizens hostile to the vote were involved in clashes with the guards, which have provoked, 40 injured, 28 of whom, law enforcement, and led to the momentary interruption of the vote in three localities.

The result of the election is expected to be announced this Friday.

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