segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2014

Hungary: Girls watered at Easter

Dressed in traditional costumes boys and girls keep alive a cultural tradition that turned into a tourist attraction.

-They deserve. According to our traditions the boys chase them with buckets full of cold water and wet them.

We just want to be beautiful, all of this is in the interests of them.

-Is not to wilt.

Highlighted a group of boys.

-With a lovely time, we also know well. It is a way to strengthen the community and know well.

Said a young man.

Although some guys except the girls with Eau de Cologne, it's tradition to read first and foremost a poem. In return, the girls receive painted eggs and goodies.

"Even though the boys wet all the girls they have left a lot to the visitors," recalled Andrea Hajagos, of Euronews.

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