domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

Museum keeps alive massacre in Tiananmen

A period of history overlooked by many Chinese.

"Here seized what was the daily life of students. Before I didn't know anything about it. I thought the students were disturbing public order, something that at the time I considered inappropriate. But now I know that's not true and that students were fighting for democracy and freedom "refers to Kitty Kau, resident in Hong Kong.

On the night of 3 to June 4, 1989, the people's Liberation Army soldiers opened fire, indiscriminately, on thousands of protesters. An action that former military personnel continue to defend.

"The Alliance between the United States and Hong Kong allowed to be sent supplies to China. This situation fed the riots that have spread across the country. If the Government hadn't put an end in the protests, China today would not exist "refers to a former Chinese soldier.

The ancient military dispute the Museum opening and remember that at Tiananmen did not die only students, but also soldiers.

Criticism aside, many Chinese attended the inauguration in an attempt to meet the other side of the story.

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