quarta-feira, 16 de abril de 2014

Ukraine: crowd protesting against the military airfield of reconquest Kramatorsk

The "phased operation" against separatist militants Ukrainian forces in the East of the country is limited for now to the military airfield of Kramatorsk.

The military regained control of the base, in the Donetsk region, dominated for days by armed groups pró-russos.

The Ukrainian soldiers were greeted by a hostile crowd, who erected barricades on access to the airfield.

Outside, a protester pro-Russian says "is an assault orchestrated by the u.s. State Department and led by interim power in Ukraine.

Another denounces the presence of snipers on each tree, next to the entrance of the military base.

Despite the tension, the airfield of Kramatorsk was re-taken without clashes, although they have been heard shots. Within walking distance, in the city proper, the pró-russos militants still control official buildings.

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