sexta-feira, 2 de maio de 2014

Boeing 777: Searches can take a year

The seek entered a new phase, the airlift were sidelined and intensified the search using a mini-sub Bluefin-21. So far this product found no signs of the aircraft.

On Monday the Malaysian Transport Minister travels to Canberra:

"We are going to reunite with China and Australia to discuss and I hope it will bring us new approaches in relation to the deployment of active involvement with families, specialists and technical advice that comes from all over the world," explains the Transport Minister of Malaysia.

The Malaysia Airlines announced on Thursday that will shut down the service centers, home to families of the passengers in Beijing and Kuala Lumpur, next day 7. A decision that revolt families:

"We want to stay here because we do not believe that the Malaysia Airlines can provide a communication platform. Every time something happens are not able to convey the message to all families. Some may end up being ignored, "says Steve Wang, representative of the families of the missing passengers.

According to a preliminary report, the Malaysian Ministry of transport, authorities have noticed the disappearance of the flight of the radar for about 17 minutes and took four hours to activate the search operation.

As for the airline, will begin to pay the financial compensation but without telling the value.

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