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Iran is still waiting for the benefits of the Nuclear agreement

"I think the world can be proud of the fact that this complicated multilateral negotiations, have produced a result which makes the area less volatile and makes the world more safe in terms of nuclear proliferation," he added.

The agreement was reached in Vienna, after years of negotiations. Iran halting its nuclear program and, in return, the UN lift sanctions against the country. By signing the agreement, President Hassan Rohani, expected that the economic recovery Will happen quickly, but I don't.

Foreign investors remain reluctant, but the main problem is another: the difficulty in obtaining financing, banking, too, to start projects that basement the economy working. And the challenges don't end here. European Union and United Nations have fulfilled their part, to lift the sanctions on the banks and the energy sector, but u.s. sanctions on the Iranian economy, continue. American companies are prohibited from doing business with Iran and Iranians and foreign banks that do business with the country, are not allowed to do it in u.s. dollars.

The country lives a lock that does not allow you to even complete the 1,000,000-dollar contracts with Boeing and Airbus. Iran ordered 118 aircraft to Airbus that have not been delivered due to lack of credit.

In the last ten years, BNP Paribas, HSBC and Deutsche Bank paid thousands of 1,000,000 dollars in fines for activities related to Iran. Foreign banks fear sanctions from the United States.

But the issue is more c omplex than it seems. A year ago, most Democrats supported the nuclear agreement, but Republicans, and it is they who are boycotting the end of sanctions. In fact, some have repeatedly introduced legislation that the Obama administration sees as steps to undermine the international agreement.

For Iran the situation is unsustainable. The threats are:

"At no time and under no circumstances, the world powers, which signed nuclear agreement with Iran, should refuse to keep their commitments, we are completely ready and we have the ability to roll back our nuclear program for a desirable stage within a short period of time," said Hassan Rouhani.

Keep-if this situation the Iranian people will begin to see the issue as if they w ere just they will stick with the deal. This can help strengthen the toughest faction of Iranian policy, close to the former President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, less than a year of presidential elections.

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