sexta-feira, 16 de maio de 2014

Candidates for the Presidency of the European Commission discussed future of Europe

The current President of the European Parliament and social democratic candidate, Martin Schulz, said:

"In countries where the level of unemployment is higher, the small and medium-sized companies do not have access to credit. Banks receiving money from the ECB to 0.25% and do not invest in the real economy. Are again speculating ".

The candidate of the radical left, the Greek Alexis Tsipras, was what turned out to be more offensive and determined:

"If we want to get out of this crisis, we have to invest in the development and social cohesion, we must put an end to austerity," he said, adding that Greece was the country that elected leaders Guinea pig and where austerity is harder. "

The Christian Democrat Jean-Claude Junker declined to criticism that Europe was not solidarity with Greece and left promises:

"If we conclude the free trade agreement with the United States every family will have more 545 euros. I advocate a social minimum salary in Greece and throughout Europe, "he said.

The answer came from benjamin of the candidates, the German ecologist Ska Keller, who denounced secret agreements between the two sides of the Atlantic and joined his voice to Martin Schulz in the call to fight against tax evasion and tax fraud.

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