domingo, 18 de maio de 2014

Portugal: will the troika is debt

The end of the rescue does not mean the end of budgetary rigour and the difficulties for the Portuguese, as noted, from Macau, the President, Cavaco Silva:

"The Portuguese people expressed a great sense of responsibility. But reaching the end of rescue operation does not mean that they have finished the rigorous requirements to which Portugal is subject ".

In Lisbon, at the end of the extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers, the Secretary of State, Carlos coins, defined the broad outlines of reforms to proceed:

"The reform agenda focuses on three main areas: competitiveness, human capital and employment and reform of the State."

The schedule is defined in the document "path to growth". That growth would be slow to arise. the GDP fell 0.7% in the first quarter.

The Government maintains, however, predictions of growth of 1.2% to 2014.

The "troika" left Portugal, but international lenders will continue monitoring until 75% of the loan is repaid, which, if everything goes smoothly, should happen in 20 years.

Despite the difficulties, Lisbon decided, contrary to Ireland, renounce the credit line of prevention which would allow very low interest rates and some comfort in the financial reserve.

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