sexta-feira, 30 de maio de 2014

Ukraine: Kiev Announces important advances against separatists

After a black day for Government forces in the East of Ukraine, with the loss of a helicopter and the 12 passengers and crew members, including a senior officer, Kiev claims to have accomplished important advances on the ground against the separatists.

The information was advanced by the Ukrainian Minister of Defense. "Our military units cleared the separatists in the southern and Western areas of Donetsk region and Northern region of Luhansk," said Mykhailo Koval.

In the city of Donetsk, the separatists began to remove the barricades in public buildings, according to their own, they can escape best in case of attack.

Since the beginning of the operations launched by the Kiev Government April 13 against the separatist movements, have been killed over 200 people.

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