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Ukraine: Poroshenko leads presidential polls and Crimea in the includes

The Ukraine presidential walk for the final campaign 12:0 am before the day of reflection Saturday and the polls finally open on Sunday. Candidates sharpen arguments, speaks of the fears, the hopes, the dreams .... Among the promises, the leader of Poroshenko Petró polls, included the Crimea, the autonomous region that self-proclaimed independence vis-à-vis Ukraine after a referendum unrecognized by the Government nor by the international community â€" exception made to Russia, which accepted attaching the peninsula where maintains a naval base.

"I am confident that what we are fighting together is peace, calm and security, economic recovery, the end of corruption and total international solidarity with Ukraine. Which will allow us to not only restore order in the East, but also retrieve soon the Crimea, "he said, at a rally, the known" chocolate King "nickname as a result of the success and fortune that Poroshenko made negotiating cocoa.

The words of unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine moved the crowd, but don't seem to get to the East, where clashes continue between Ukrainian military and separatist rebels. A situation that is threatening the elections in some regions and that is worrying about the Organization for cooperation and security in Europe (OSCE), which is in the territory to mediate negotiations between the Government of Ukraine and regional administrations, in particular, those of the East of the country.

"I hope that does not require any use of military force from now until the end of the elections to allow the entire electoral process can move forward. And I hope that this message will be heard not only by the Government but also by the other side, "he said, at a press conference, the moderator of the OSCE Wolfgang Ischinger, after a round of negotiations in Kiev.

In these polls, presidential favorite, however, is Petro Poroshenko, with more than 30 percent of preferences. Iulia Timoshenko, the former Prime Minister and symbol of the "Orange Revolution" of 2004, is second, but with only six percent. Mikhailo Dobkin, lastly, the candidate of the party of regions, of ex-President Viktor Ianukovich, not enough to four percent or is in the top-5 of polls among the 21 candidates in the race to the Chair of President of Ukraine.

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