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Discussion of the monarchy and the Republic in Spain

Recover the spirit of 15 M, the citizens ' protest motion against politicians and bankers, sprung up in 2011.

Assume-if radical Democrats â€" a paradox â€" but membership continues to increase.The party takes no position on the Republic or monarchy, but wants to impose the national debate.

"Yes, we can."

"For me, that didn't elect him anything until now, I believe that the monarchy doesn't represent me. I wish I could decide what kind of State. "

The abdication of King Juan Carlos I brought again to the fore the debate between monarchy and Republic. The Spanish Constitution establishes the monarchy as a system; There would be two-thirds majority in Congress and the Senate to approve an amendment to a constitutional amendment. In this case, the Parliament dissolve itself to open the constitutional process.  

For the time being is impossible: 85% of the last Congress voted in favor of the law leading to the crowning of Felipe de Borbón.

Pablo Iglesias, founder of the party "Can", insists on a refrendo.

"There is a debate on the form of State. The debate is whether the Spanish legal age and have the right to decide for themselves or if it must continue to abide by the decisions of the elites taken in restaurants without intervention of citizenship ".

The Conservatives and the vast majority of Socialists closed ranks around the monarchy.

"In Spain, there was a broad consensus in 1977 constitutional, to make a Constitution, which is of 1978, which allowed us to have the best time of freedom, peace and prosperity in the history of Spain. Was this consensus that we secured an unprecedented political stability in a country accustomed to huge instability in the transitions of a political regime to another. “

"The consensus is lacking in the country. The form of State is not altered because 50% of espnhois demand the change. To change the system, we need a social structure, an overwhelming majority of the country in favor of a different idea, which does not exist in Spain ".

In Vallecas, a neighborhood of Madrid, for a rally with "Republican paella", organized by a cultural centre. In addition to rice and the sangria, find themselves many flags of the II Republic (1931/36). Among the participants, José Antonio Pérez Tapias, Member of PSOE and aspiring Party Secretary-General. Is the left wing left the party, which includes the real possibility of a Republic.

José Antonio Pérez Tapias. Candidate for Secretary General of the PSOE:

"In the Spanish Socialist Workers ' Party Republican memory is very much alive, and in a debate like what is being raised by the abdication of the King, we believe that we must enforce this Republican memory. We should study the possibility of a referendum to choose the monarchy or Republic. In the case of the do, it would be in the context of a constitutional process. Therefore, any parliamentary debate and public has to be done around this issue. “  

About the memory of the second Republic: it was a complex period of democratization, with lights and shadows, frustrated by the coup d'etat of 1936 which led to three years of civil war and nearly 40 of dictatorship.

On the subject, talked with the academic and historian Juan Pablo Fusi.

"Of the major reforms of the Republic personally consider correct autonomy to Catalonia, land reform and military reform. The biggest mistake, in the current secular policy perspective was the confrontation with most of all Catholic Spain. In 1931, the monarchy was the biggest problem for democracy. However, to put an end to the dictatorship, the solution, in 1975-1978, was precisely the monarchy ".

Some polls show that about 60% of the population believes that sooner or later, the referendum must be carried out.

And more than 70% of respondents felt that Felipe VI will be a good King.

Among the proponents of the continuity of parliamentary monarchy in which the monarch's actions are totally controlled by Parliament, the voters of various policy options are included.

"The abdication of Juan Carlos I improved the assessment of the monarchy. Some polls give twenty points of advantage over the Republic, 55-35%, but the debate, as we have observed, seems to be another: to be able to decide at the polls the State system if you want to ".

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