domingo, 22 de junho de 2014

Egypt: death sentences confirmed for leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and 182 supporters

Badie and the remaining supporters of the brotherhood-outlawed and currently considered as "terrorist organization" by the Egyptian authorities "â€" can still appeal the ruling.

The Court of Minya comotou four feathers to life imprisonment and acquitted the other defendants in the process by 496 disturbances and acts of violence that followed the expulsion of Islamist President, Mohammed Morsi, ousted last summer by the military who control the country.

The father of one of the acquitted says satisfied with a decision that ranks of "decent and fair".

But the view is not shared by others who, if they saw some of the family members acquitted, also have others a mong the damned. Amnesty International demanded the annulment of the convictions, denouncing an unfair process.

"Injustice" is also the word chosen by a close to one of the condemned.

A judge of Minya had already provoked a wave of international outcry condemning summary form in March, 1200 supporters and leaders of the brotherhood, before switching the feathers of about five hundred defendants.

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