quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2014

Felipe VI proclaimed King of Spain

Two weeks after the abdication of Juan Carlos, Felipe VI was proclaimed King by the Cortes of Spain.

At a ceremony held at the Congress of deputies in Madrid over more than a thousand guests, including the Royal family, Cabinet members, former Presidents of the Government and Presidents of regional Governments attended, but wasn't any representative of European royal families.

In the speech of oath, Felipe VI ensured that "in the performance of my responsibilities, will find in me a head of State fair and willing to listen, to understand, to draw attention and advising. In addition, I will always defend the general interests ".

In this historical ceremony marking the proclamation of the first King in democracy in Spain, the new King even thanked her father, Juan Carlos, who was not present, and his mother, Sophia, who "dedicated his whole life to the service of the Spaniards". Words very applauded by those who were in the Congress of Deputies.

Shortly before, early in the morning in a short ceremony in the Palace of Zarzuela, Juan Carlos spent the testimony to the son: Felipe VI, has imposed the Captain General of the three military branches of Spain, a position that the monarch takes over with the head of State.

To share this moment were Queen Letizia, daughters, Sofia, outgoing Queen, and the infanta Elena and her son Juan Froilán.

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