sexta-feira, 27 de junho de 2014

France: French Court orders extradition of Nemouche

Mehdi Nemouche, 29 years old, was arrested in Marseilles with a Kalashnikov in the luggage, days after the attack that killed 4 people may 24.

Nemouche, French, agreed to be extradited if I have assurances that it will not be later sent to Israel.

"He's convinced he can be tried in France. In addition to wanting to be judged in France, asked for guarantees if it is handed over to Belgian authorities. But he thinks he did not receive any assurances, "said defense attorney, Apolin Pepiezep.

The suspect has yet to receive confirmation of judicial extradition to power contest. If so, will have even more 40 days before the process move forward.

When he was arrested in Marseilles, Nemouche, claimed to have stolen in Belgium the weapons they carried.

The French citizen had already been sentenced to 7 years in prison for robbery before he traveled to Syria to fight alongside Islamic rebels.

Nemouche is an example of the threat that European Governments face with the potential import of Islamic militancy from citizens who left for the Middle East to participate in the fighting in the name of Islam.

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