quarta-feira, 11 de junho de 2014

Obama asks for "de examination consciousness" after de new shooting in Oregon

Barack Obama called for an "examination de conscience" of Americans about the porte de guns in the United States, after de more a shooting that made two dead in a Lycée de Oregon.

A student of a secondary school near de de Portland shot a colleague and injured slightly a teacher before de commit suicide. The incident occurred just two days after another shooting de have done five dead in Las Vegas.

Reacting to the latest tragedy, the u.s. President said that "this society has not had the will give de basic steps to keep guns out of the hands people who could make de simply incredible damage". Obama added that the United States is the only developed country da land where this happens. "

De State Chief expressed "frustration" de not have sufficient support to proceed with a stricter legislation on control de armas. Segundo downtown Brady, who fights against gun violence de fire, 32 Americans are shot to death each day.

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