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Peres, Dove and Hawk

The Presidency was the step that lacking a long political journey. A path with glory, setbacks, dramas and victories. In this function, which is largely honorific, Peres used all the influence to promote peace, causing irritation of the nationalist right. Came to be seen as the only real challenger to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Peres arrived in the territory that is now Israel for 11 years, coming from Poland. At the age of 25 years, catches a ride from someone who would change the face of the world: David Ben Gurion. We're in 1948. With the birth of Israel, Peres is one of the founders, next to the "Old Lion".

Known as the "Hawk of labor", in the years 70, while Defense Minister gives green light to construction of the first Jewish settlements in the West Bank, so busy.

It was a decision that would weigh in the future and which is still today an obstacle to peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

But it was also under his impulse, then as Minister of Foreign Affairs, peace gave a significant step, with the Oslo agreements.

Him and that they called the best enemy of Yitzhack Peres-Rabin. In September 1993, the two men shake hands with Yasser Arafat, under the gaze of u.s. President Bill Clinton, in the gardens of the White House. The following year, the deal is worth to the protagonists the Nobel Peace Prize.

The assassination of Rabin is a blow to Israel and to the peace process. Shimon Peres back then to the post of Prime Minister, which had already taken in the years 80.

Already in the years 2000, leaves the Labour Party and decided to launch a new party, Kadima, along with the over arch-rival Ariel Sharon. Is with Peres as Deputy Prime Minister that Israel give back to talk, in 2006, with the bombings in Lebanon.

As President, Peres back to the effort to promote peace, even against the policies of the Netanyahu Government. The joint prayer with Mahmud Abbas and with the Pope is the latest example: "I am sure that I will see peace during my lifetime. Even if you have to live another year or two. I will not hesitate, "said recently.

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