domingo, 29 de junho de 2014

Sarajevo marks 100 years of the assassination that sparked World War I

The concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, in the restored Town Hall of the capital of Bosnia, is the highlight of a program that includes cultural events financed by the European Union.

Serb authorities have rejected the invitation. The Mayor of Sarajevo said that "those who flagrantly refused be present did not demonstrate its attitude towards the past, but the future of the region".

The Bosnian Serbs have decided to mark the date separately, celebrating the figure of the young nationalist Gavrilo Princip, who shot the June 28, 1914 Archduke Fernando Francisco, heir to the austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife.

An episode that continues to divide the Balkans and prevents two people from signalling a hallmark moment in the history of the old continent.

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