domingo, 15 de junho de 2014

Ukraine: protesters demand cut diplomatic relations with Russia

The Russia has reacted to protests on Saturday in front of their Embassy in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

The Russian diplomats accuse the Ukrainian police of doing nothing to prevent the attack which resulted in vehicles destroyed and broken glass, among other property damage.

Overseas dozens of protesters demanded an end to Russia to take over responsibility for the slaughter of the Ukrainian military transport plane that crashed on Saturday. The incident caused 49 deaths among the passengers and crew.

Four delegates of the protesters, along with representatives of the media were allowed to enter the premises in order to deliver a list of demands to the Secretary of the Embassy.

"The Ukrainian protesters claim that the protest is a reaction to the slaughter of the Ukrainian military plane carrying 49 people onboard. The most radical require cutting diplomatic relations with Russia. Others believe other methods to pressure the powerful neighbor ".

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