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Despair in Gaza

The fighting intensified in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, forcing a few more thousands of people to flee.

In addition to the thousands of victims of the fighting, the displaced from the areas of residence are, according to the UN, more than 140 thousand.

The humanitarian situation deteriorates every hour, a blocked enclave where it starts missing everything.

From the Gaza Strip, our Special Envoy, Valérie Gauriat tells us what he has seen.

euronews: Valérie, the tension is palpable as in recent days, when a new Israeli incursion perspective in Gaza?

Valérie Gauriat: Yes, the tension is palpable as the streets of Gaza, they are deserted. It's a ghost town, people hide, afraid, as the bombing intensifies

and: the fact that the streets are deserted I mean that people will close at home, or anywhere that they serve as a shelter ...

V. G: "in fact, people will close, stay at home â€" those whose homes were not destroyed. Some are in stairwells of buildings that serve as a refuge; other in u.n. shelters. In any case, they fear, fear of the bombing, bombs that can fall anywhere at any time ".

e: Collected this morning eloquent images. One can speak-as did a senior official of the UN-humanitarian disaster?

V. g: "what is true is that the shortage begins to settle in Gaza, from the perspective of new bombings begins to Miss everything, food, clothes, especially families who have fled are in need of everything. Are people who have lost everything and the billets are rare at this point. The aberuras of the border are rare too, so it's hard to get humanitarian aid. For the people who went there is no electricity. At this time there is no electricity in most of the buildings of Gaza and also water becomes scarce, because there have been bombings on pipelines and water distribution systems of drinking water are mixing with the water in the sewers, where pipes were damaged "

and: "in the conversations I have had with the Gazans, what did they tell you? Are truly on the edge?

V. G: "well, this morning we went to northern Gaza, in an area designated red and we found a family whose house was totally destroyed and this family has joined in the home of another family nearby. The desperation of these people is very clear, the stories they tell are tragic, they don't know where to go, I don't know what to do nor that Holy pray. They expect the world to find a solution to this crisis that has become unbearable for the gazenses ".

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