sexta-feira, 25 de julho de 2014

Execution of death penalty lasts two hours

The Associated Press reporter, Astrid Galvan, attended the execution and account that was "stressful because it lasted much longer than expected. There have been many, say, looks between lawyers and media elements, the environment was of nervousness because it was taking a long time. "

The execution began at 13:52 in the State penitentiary of Arizona and ended at 10 for the four

A relative of the victims of the doomed raises a question about what is concerned.. "It is disproportionate in relation to the drug. This man committed a horrific murder and you are concerned about the lethal drug and how it works. Why not give it a shot? "asks.

Joseph Wood's lawyers tried to suspend the execution, without success while outside the prison complex was a manifestation.

The method of capital punishment has been under discussion in the United States, especially after an inmate in January have died of a heart attack during an execution.

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