domingo, 6 de julho de 2014

False bomb threat in television owned by Poroshenko

The building of the channel 5 television station owned by Petro Poroshenko was evacuated, in Kiev, in Ukraine after a bomb threat.

The alert was given at around 07:30 in the morning. Workers abandoned the premises and the issue was halted for four hours.

At the scene were not, however, found any explosives.

The Chief Editor, Volodymyr Mzhelskiy, believes that the day was not chosen by chance: "this Thursday the channel 5 donated a vehicle to the Donbass battalion participating in counter-terrorism operation in Eastern Ukraine and this morning we received a bomb threat."

The number of false bomb threats to increase. A situation which Andriy Parubiy, head of the National Security Council and Ukrainian Defence justifies this way: "they want to show that Ukraine is an unstable country, the scene of violent and unusual occurrences with the aim of provoking certain psychological effects. Just see how the Russian media is transmitting information. "

The information that the Ukrainian Parliament could be the target of an attack led the battalion of Donbass-a nationalist movement created in April that fights alongside the Ukrainian army â€" moving, temporarily, to Kiev.

This Friday, the police reported several bomb threats. Between them in the Arena of Lviv, a stadium built for euro 2012 where the Portuguese squad held the first two games of the group stage and a subway station in Kharkiv in Eastern Ukraine.

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