terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2014

Joy in Germany, tears and violence in Buenos Aires

The Germany rose for the fourth time the maximum trophy of football. Brazil's World Cup the German joy wouldn't fit in the words of German fans in Rio de Janeiro after they defeated Argentina by 1-0.

"We are so pleased that we won this in the River, at the maracana, was too but it was tangential. That was awesome, three cheers to Germany! "says a fan.

"It's brilliant to be in the World Championship, at the stadium of the stadiums, we only have this 12:0 am 24 years experience. Today, this moment is sensational, it's crazy, Brazilians are celebrating with us and this is the best, "says another.

The opposite was found on the other side of the world. In Buenos Aires there have been many tears and violence. Inconsolados supporters caused disturbances that necessitated police intervention squad.

Fifteen police officers were injured, at least 30 people were detained.

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