segunda-feira, 21 de julho de 2014

MH17: Holland "furious" with treatment of dead bodies

"I want to make sure that the Ukrainian Government, according to my orders, is doing everything possible to ensure that the investigation into the circumstances of this terrorist attack is conducted under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation and be as transparent as possible," said Poroshenko.

For now, the Dutch Minister has one objective: "this tragedy shook the Netherlands to its deepest foundations. My priority is to repatriate our citizens. The families want to bury their loved ones. "

Timmermans, who was also received by the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Arseny Yatseniuk, is furious because the site of the accident has not been respected and the bodies of the victims were displaced several times.

According to the latest official data, the 298 victims of plane, 193 were Dutch nationals.

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