domingo, 27 de julho de 2014

MH17: over 74 bodies sent to Holland

74 more urns with the remains of victims of flight MH17 left this morning the Kharkiv airport, in Ukraine, bound for Eindoven, the Netherlands.

In the Ukrainian city is this Friday the Australian Foreign Affairs minista. Julie Bishop announced sending for his country of 100 more cops, who will join the international security force led by the Netherlands, to watch over the area of the accident:

"It will be an integrated police force on a humanitarian mission. There will be experts in identifying the bodies, forensic technicians. And, of course, we will guarantee them safety and protection, "he explained.

This new group of cops will join 90 Australian agents awaiting in London the permission to leave for Ukraine.

The situation on the ground is chaotic. It was declared a fragile cease-fire in the fall of the appliance and, according to testimony from journalists, the wreckage have been accessible to many people of the region â€" rebels and simple living.

In Kuala Lampur, the city to which the flight was intended MH17, after Friday prayers, thousands of Muslims prayed for the quick return of the remains of the victims.

The Malaysia lost in this catastrophe 43 citizens.

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