sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2014

Putin warns of "boomerang effect" of u.s. sanctions

On a visit to Brazil, Vladimir Putin argued that the sanctions "have a boomerang effect and will undoubtedly push the relations between the United States and Russia to a cul de sac, causing damage severe enough. And will also harm the long-term strategic interests of the Government and the American people ".

The Obama administration has adopted for the first time measures aimed at directly the main Russian public companies that strengthen the base of power to Putin, in particular oil company Rosneft.

The Executive Director of the company, Igor Sechin, said that "as the Rosneft is a company generating resources for Russia, such sanctions not aimed as a companion. Aim to undermine the sovereign policies of Russia and trying to aggravate the economic well-being of its citizens ".

In immediate terms, sanctions deprived of financing in dollars, in the medium or long term, not only the Rosneft as the giant gaz and Novatek for Gazprombank, the third Bank in the country. These three groups are led by allies of the Kremlin. The measures affect the public bank VEB and eight companies in the Defense sector.

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