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World Cup 2014: Neymar injured and is comforted by Messi and Rousseff

The "10" from Brazil left the pitch on a stretcher and in tears, was taken to the hospital Are Carlos, in Fortaleza, and tests confirmed the worst. "The news is bad. The injury requires several weeks of recovery and Neymar does not play more in the ' World Cup ' in the world, "said Rodrigo Laforest, the doctor of" Canary Island. "

The Brazil beat Colombia 2-1, so it was found for the semi-finals and will face Tuesday to Germany, in Belo Horizonte, for a place in Sunday's final of the Maracanã. Two games where â€" is confirmed-Scolari will not have the team's top scorer, with 4 goals.

"Neymar is very down, sad, upset," revealed the doctor of the Brazilian national team, explaining that the CT scan revealed that the "10" suffered "a small fracture without deviation in the transverse process of the third lumbar vertebra". "It's not serious. Do not need surgical treatment, but very limited movements. He will be in pain for a while, needs immobilization with a brace for lumbar pain control, "he added.

With the end of Sunday as a reference, Rodrigo Laforest also said that "the period of a week is too short for that Neymar has conditions to return to play." "But in terms of expectation of recovery, is a fracture that evolves very well and the expectation of future consolidation is very good", desdramatizou, predicting "some weeks immobilized with strap, for pain control and full recovery of the movements."

The support reactions did not wait. Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff and the Argentine Messi, Neymar's team-mate in Barcelona, were some of those who left messages through internet social networks.

All our support to @neymarjr! #ForçaNeymar

In the mixed zone after the game, the former Benfica player and author of the second goal for Brazil against Colombia, David Luiz, did not prevent the tears upon learning of the severity of the injury of Neymar. "It was his dream for a long time. Worked very hard to be here, in the ' World Cup ' in the world. He is an icon for all Brazil. I hope God can comfort the ' Nair ', his family and all of us in the selection, "said the central defender, with some difficulty, concluding:" now we're going to have to play by the ' Ney ' and by Thiago [Silva]. We have to be warriors more than ever. "

As for the captain, which saw a yellow card which also prevents you from facing Tuesday to Germany, he also was surprised by the news of the end of the world for Neymar while talking with journalists. "We need to pray for him. The Neymar didn't deserve. Was to die for ' World Cup ', "said Thiago Silva, who soon after, via Twitter, left a more personal message to team-mate.

My brother this Cup will be for you @neymarjr

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