quinta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2014

Gaza: beyond the Truce

In Gaza, where half a million inhabitants left home due to Israeli shellings, some people left UN shelters and returned to the neighborhoods where they lived, mostly reduced to rubble, to try to return to normal life.

"Our House and the shops were completely destroyed and our life too. I came here to buy clothes for the children. Only God knows our situation. We have nothing, our life was destroyed and even the price of everything has gone up, "said Nevin Azayzah, inhabitant of Gaza.

Officials from UN agencies fear that the worsening of living conditions in Gaza could lead to a humanitarian crisis in the region. The lack of water and sanitation infrastructure is worrisome.

"I've seen humanitarian crises. This is not, but there are conditions that can lead to a. The biggest problem is the lack of water, i.e. infrastruras and water in homes. We're getting drinking water and non-potable for our shelter, but it is a problem for the entire population, "said Robert Turner, of the United Nations.

According to a survey made by the newspaper Haaretz, 51% of respondents stated that neither side won, while 36% said Israel emerged victorious and 6 percent gave victory to Hamas.

The investigation was carried out after the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.

"We were there during 30 days and we intend to stay here as long as necessary, until everything is resolved. I'm married and have a family, but that's what's important. We did our duty, "said Naftali, an Israeli reservist soldier.

A day after the withdrawal, tanks and Israeli soldiers were shifted to near the border with the Palestinian enclave.

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