sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2014

Hollande: "Europe must change"

So says François Hollande, "Europe must change (...) must review a number of policies, clarify your organization, get the support of the people and, above all, win the battle for growth and employment ".

Well, precisely on the issue of employment, the new Minister of economy gave an interview before being appointed, but which was published today, in which Emmanuel Macron raises the possibility of "authorize companies and sectors (...) to have exceptions "to the law of the 35-hour working week.

The left wing of the Socialist Party angry and the Government became public ensure that will review the law.

According to analysts, an increase in working hours would contribute to the growth, but also to raise the short-term unemployment.

In this morning's speech to French ambassadors, the President also called for the rapid convening of a eurozone Summit to coordinate measures to promote economic growth.

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