quarta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2014

Libya: elected President of Parliament

Aguila Saleh Iissa, a lawyer who held several positions during the regime of Muhammar Gaddafi, was elected President of the Parliament.

On behalf of the Prime Minister, absent in the United States where participates in a Summit, the Justice Minister, Saleh al-Marghani, called for the formation of a unity Government that implements measures to preserve security and stability in the country.

Several weeks ago in Tripoli and Benghazi, rival armed groups face off in the biggest outbreak of violence since the war of 2011, which overthrew Muhammar Gaddafi.

Western Nations, which mostly withdrew diplomatic personnel and citizens of Libya, they expect the new Parliament can encourage the warring factions to move towards negotiations and a ceasefire.

With the country's main airport out of action, the withdrawal of foreigners is made by sea, as in the case of a Greek Navy ship that transported Greek citizens, Chinese, British and Belgian, Cypriots to the port of Piraeus.

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