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Matteo Renzi calls on young people to stay in Italy

Euro area unemployment rate at 11.5% and EU at 10.2% in June 2014 #Eurostat

In terms of youth, according to Eurostat data referring to March 2014, unemployment reaches more than 40 percent of Italians under the age of 25 years.

"If someone in Italy thinks you are the future of this country, you're wrong. You are the gift of our nation. Stay in Italy, not emigrating. Risk in the impossible and make this the most beautiful country. Give more importance to be than to have not I speak here as a former Boy Scout, I was. I speak to you, will you, as President of the Italian Government. Good date for everyone. "

Today in #SanRossore for #routenazionale. Thanks to the courage of the twenties the #italiariparte

Renzi, who was also a boy scout, managed to echo amongst the followers of Baden Powell (the founder of the Boy Scouts in 1907). "He praised us for being able to hear each other. The play, told us that this was something that the Italian Government could not. There is too much talk, but few listen, "said one Scout. A boy revealed that Renzi would have told them that "I'd rather pipe the military budget for education". "For him, the best defense is education," summed up the Scout.

Accompanied by his wife, Agnese Landini, Renzi was welcomed among the approximately 30 thousand Catholic Scouts gathered in this national meeting entitled "Route Nazionale", which included a World Seminar of the International Conference of Catholic Scouts (CICE), the National Body of Listeners of Portugal.

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