sábado, 9 de agosto de 2014

Selfie the monkey remains in the public domain

Wikimedia's official position was announced by Katherine Maher, spokesman for the Foundation: "the law is very clear â€" the animals do not have copyright, only men. Although the camera belongs to David Slater and him being so in Indonesia, was the monkey who took the photo and this belongs to the public domain. "

Wikimedia has been confronted with the exigiências of David Slater, British wildlife photographer, which claims copyright for photos taken by monkeys with your machine, in Indonesia, in 2011.

The photographer says, since the photo is in the public domain, have lost money before earned by each publication. "I've contacted the Wikipedia on the internet. They never contacted me to ascertain facts. Instead, they rely on press articles and statements made in my name, the only evidence that they admit, "says Slater.

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