terça-feira, 26 de agosto de 2014

Syria: Islamic State already controls the province of Kind

The Syrian Observatory for human rights says that militants of the Islamic State were seen circulating around town with the decapitated heads of some soldiers of Bashar al-Assad. The demo doesn't seem to deter the faithful to the regime in Damascus, that promise to "fight to the end" to "eliminate terrorists".

In an interview with the Chinese public television, the head of the military and political Academy of the Syrian army also denounced the support of foreign countries to extremists in an attempt to overthrow Assad:

"The expansion of the Islamic State is not accidental. More than one country offered them a large number of weapons and funding during the civil war. If we remember the recent statements of responsible Americans in Congress, we note that they have always known who is supporting the terrorist group in Syria, "said Mustafa Fawaz.

The threat of the Islamic State also worries the Arab world. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Qatar claim exists "a convergence of views (...) about the need to act seriously (...) to preserve the security and stability of the Arab States ", can be read in the statement issued at the end of a meeting of Foreign Ministers of those four countries, this Sunday in Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia.

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