sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2014

Turkey: Starts with an opposition boycott Erdogan's Presidency

It was with an opposition protest and boycott the swearing-in ceremony for members of the Republican people's Party (CHP, in the original acronym), which took the mandate of 12 .° President in 90 years of history of the Republic of Turkey. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the first Turkish Head of State to be elected directly by the people, received this Presidency's testimony Thursday of Abdullah Gül and returned to decorate the predecessor with a National Merit Medal.

It was one of the moments that marked the ceremony held in Parliament Ankara, before which the opposition asked the Parliament to open a debate on the fact that Erdogan has not abdicated as Prime Minister soon after being elected President, August 10, and have lied in Office at the head of the Government until the eve of the inauguration. Faced with the refusal of the President of the Assembly to open this debate, protests have made themselves heard loud and even a book with rules of conduct within the Parliament was seen flying around the room. Members of the CHP would eventually leave the Chamber before the oath of the Constitution by the new President, chosen by 52 percent of voters.

Shortly after juror with respect to Constitution â€" which is determined to move to strengthen the powers of the Chief of staff, Erdogan left the Parliament and headed next to the wife Emine Gülbaran, the mausoleum where lie the remains of Turkey's founder, Kemal Ataturk, to the traditional tribute to the first President of the Republic.

Before, in the first speech as President, Erdogan has set as priorities of his tenure the integration of Turkey into the European Union, democratic reforms to the country and the peace process with the Turkish Kurdistan. But the vigorous protest of the opposition in the Parliament, still represents a sign that Erdogan's Presidency and the affirmation of the alleged "New Turkey" will not be easy for the tasks so far head of Government.

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