sexta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2014

UN High Commissioner for human rights accuses Israel of defying international law

After another deadly attack against a United Nations school, the UN High Commissioner for human rights accused Israel of deliberately defying international law in the war against Hamas.

To the responsible of the Red Cross, operating on the ground, are the Palestinians who are suffering:

"Their bodies are being wounded but also their minds. The issue here is not to see who's the respect or violate the rules of war. We are facing a humanitarian emergency. We are asking you to stop destruction, we are asking for the immediate end of these deaths, "says Robert Mardini.

The United Nations protect more than 200 thousand people on its premises in Gaza. People fleeing the conflict:

"They fear death and have every right to be afraid because the number of victims continues to increase. I informed you that, in relation to the last few days, is being killed a child per hour, "said John Ging, the u.n. Chief Operating Officer for humanitarian issues.

Israel defends itself from accusations saying that Hamas hides weapons in these buildings and ensures that warns about the attacks, and in advance, civilians.

In several countries, including Costa Rica, have elapsed demonstrations of solidarity with the Palestinians.

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