sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

USA accuse al-Nusra Front of the capture of UN blue helmets

The United States accuses the front of al-Nusra, the Syrian Al-Qaeda arm, to be responsible, with the help of other armed groups, for the capture of 43 UN soldiers on the Golan Heights, between Israel and Syria. In a statement, the u.s. State Department demanded the immediate release of the effective.

The UN blue helmets from the Philippines and Fiji, were in charge of guarding the part of Golan Heights controlled by Syria when they were surprised. There are still 81 peacekeepers who are trapped between two localities.

Philippine authorities show confidence in their numbers:

"Our soldiers are ready, trained to deal with such situations and take the risks necessary to fulfil our commitment to international peace and security. The peace force has the right to defend your position and units in accordance with the protocols and rules of the UNITED NATIONS, "said the General Sunday Junior Tutaan, spokesman of the armed forces of the Philippines.

The UN spokeswoman explained, in a statement, that the forces were caught in a moment of violent clashes between the Syrian army and armed opposition groups.

The United Nations ensure that are doing everything possible to resolve the situation.

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