sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014

USA: Islamic State is "beyond" any other terrorist threat

The United States consider that the insurgents of the Islamic State represent a terrorist threat "as well as" any other known until today, that needs to be combated, both in Iraq and in Syria.

Washington lifts the tone against the Sunni jihadist group, after it released a video of the execution of the American journalist James Foley, threatening to run another if American air raids against their positions in Iraq continue.

The Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, said the Islamic State "is more than just a terrorist group: joint ideology, a sophisticated strategy, military and tactical ability and is tremendously well financed. Is beyond any [another group] we've ever seen, so we must be prepared for anything. And the only way to do that is to look cold and hard on the situation and prepare ".

For his part, general Dempsey, Chief of staff of the u.s. Army, stressed that to put an end to the Islamic State must combat it also in Syria.

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