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What became of the Olympic Games of Athens?

For many Greeks, the event organization has ruined the country. Others blame the following Governments for having neglected the Olympic structures for purely political reasons.

The contrast between the euphoria experienced in 2004 and the current reality is striking.

Stella Ntala worked as a volunteer in Athens.

"The smile of people is one of my fondest memories. I will never forget our sense of pride in 2004. We had hope for a better future. We thought that Greece would become a better country, "recalls Stella Ntala.

The event organization accuses the opposition have boycotted the project for the use of sports equipment.

For Kostas Kartalis, the former Secretary-General of Athens 2004, decisions taken by the Government following had political reasons.

"There was a plan for the use of each equipment. After 2004, the Government decided not to execute those plans by political interest. It was a missed opportunity.The Greece failed to keep alive the spirit of the Olympic Games. Hence the abandonment of structures, "said Kostas Kartalis.

Many Greeks believe that the Olympics ruined the country. But one of those responsible for organizing the event underlines that the investment made in Athens was just a drop in the ocean of Greek debt.

Stratos Siafoleas worked in the Department of communication of Athens 2004.

"Those who say that the Olympic Games are responsible for the economic crisis were not good students in mathematics. The investment for the 2004 Games was of eight billion euros. In 2009, Greece's debt was 320 billion ", ensures Stratos Siafoleas.

Is there even long-term economic benefits when it organizes an event of this dimension?

The Greek example is a matter for reflection to many countries interested in relaunching the economy thanks to the push of major sporting events.

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