domingo, 21 de setembro de 2014

Anti-American protests in Baghdad

Thousands of supporters of the Iraqi Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr protested in Baghdad against what they consider an American interference in Iraq.

These protests happen a day after the meeting of the UN Security Council, which asked for international support to the regime of Baghdad in fighting the djihadistas of Daech, the organization Islamic State, which occupies the territory of tracks Syria and Iraq.

The Iraqi army and Shiite militias have failed until now big hits in combating the Sunni extremists of Daech.

Washington launched airstrikes against the djihadistas in August and now tries to put together a coalition of more than 40 countries where attempts to include Iran.

The France is the second country, alongside the United States, to launch airstrikes against the Islamic State in northeastern Iraq.

Paris reported that Rafale aircraft of the French army's Tyme started bombing against strategic positions of the djihadistas in the region of Mosul.

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