sábado, 20 de setembro de 2014

Joanna Gill: "in the end, what matters is that Scotland gets more powers"

Joanna Gill â€" well, in the early evening, there was a turning point on the side of Yes, when Clack Mananshire who was considered a safe place for the vote on the SIM, voted overwhelmingly Not. In Glasgow, which was reputedly safe square for SIM, the vote for Alex Slamond was confirmed and then Dundee also had a great result, 57% in favour of independence, but then in Edinburgh, there was a clear trend for the non and for Scotland to continue in the United Kingdom.

Sarah-Sim and polls Don't in this referendum were always close. How to compare the campaigns?

Jo-it was very interesting, especially last week, when a poll gave the SIM as winner and the holder of an posituva message. No campaign, when speaking of the future, was more negative, and was even accused of alarmist and cause fear when talking about the future of an independent Scotland. The issue of prices and the health service was always present. But after all, were the 10% undecided which closed discussions.

Sarah â€" that's right. The result is not what polls predicted, but had split families ... How is that the community will reconcile?

Jo â€" Fortunately, the challenge won't be that big. There have been some harsher criticism on social networks but isolated. On the ground are quiet. Last night, in the Scottish Parliament, there was a very happy atmosphere between the Yes and no to independence, so I hope to keep it that way and reconciliation will be easier. In the end, what matters is that Scotland gets more powers.

Sarah-the main British parties offered to the Scots more powers to keep the Union, will be that the nationalists can still consider having obtained a victory?

Jo â€" already nationalists claim victory in numbers of voter turnout. Alex Salmond, despite admitting defeat, said the victory was the principal of participatory democracy. After all, there's an agenda of commitments of promised fiscal automomia.

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