segunda-feira, 22 de setembro de 2014

Russia: human Tide in Moscow against the war in Ukraine

The police realized 5 thousand demonstrators, organizers say tens of thousands.

In St. Petersburg there was also a small protest despite the ban by the authorities.

In Moscow between Russian and Ukrainian flags, the message had the Kremlin as the main recipient.

"Stop the war, that is our main objective. We also want to show our Government that is to conduct this war, who have no right to speak on behalf of all the people. Because there are people in Russia who are against this military intervention, who think that the Ukrainians may decide their destiny, "said one protester.

In parallel to the "March for Peace", also in Moscow, held a counter-demonstration in favour of the Russian Government and of independent regions in the Eastern Ukrainian autointituladas.

"We don't want war, you know? The media is lying a lot, they invent that Russia wants war. But Russia does not want war (...) The Russia wants there to be lasting peace in Ukraine, "says a woman.

According to the United Nations, has at least 3 thousand people died in the conflict.

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