quarta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2014

Conservative bishops contesting the Vatican opening the faithful homosexuals

A first report on Synod discussions about family, which brings together more than 200 bishops from around the world, evoked yesterday the qualities of the faithful homosexuals.

According to the President of the European episcopal conference, Peter Erdo has no photobooks, "the homosseuxais have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community: we will be able to accommodate these faithful, guaranteeing them a fraternal space in our communities".

Peter Erdo has no photobooks, also stressed the need to find a compromise between Catholic doctrine and the sexual orientation of its faithful.

The Italian press is publishing several reviews of more conservative bishops who claim that their positions more traditionalists were not taken into account in the first report.

The Holy see it rectified today that the first conclusions from the debate, "do not imply a positive assessment of homosexuality", while some Polish and German bishops claim to have evoked in discussions, the need to "highlight the importance of a marriage happy and faithful forever", contesting what they regarded as an "alleged antimatrimonial ideology".

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