quinta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2014

De Margerie: Russia loses an ally

Boss atypical, worthy of praise to both the right and left of the political spectrum, Christophe de Margerie did raise the French oil company Total to a level of modernity and won a place in the Sun among the four largest oil companies in the world.

Known as much for its strategic intelligence as the big mustache, de Margerie has always maintained close ties with Russia.

During the diplomatic war waged between the West and Moscow, de Margerie always opposed sanctions advising the maintenance of roads of dialogue.

"He wanted to maintain the dialogue between the French, the Russians, the international community and to Russia. It was something that always hit. He said the French Government, to Europe and to Americans. For him this was something extremely important, "says Emmanuel Quidet, President of the Chamber of Commerce and industry, Franco-Russian office which Christophe de Margerie was co-Chairman.

The sudden disappearance of this inescapable figure of French industry leaves a void difficult to fill on top of the biggest French oil group.

To Russia, for its part, also loses.

De Margerie's disappearance means the loss of one of the most privileged interlocutors of relations between the West and Russia.

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