segunda-feira, 13 de outubro de 2014

Fall of Kobani may result in new wave of violence in Turkey

Are disclosed by the extremist images Islamic State at the heart of the town of Kobani Syria.

After conquering the Kurdish forces headquarters, the radicals are continuing the offensive, confident in the victory that if guess next.

Fundamentalists try to now take the border post with Turkey, about a kilometre away from the neighbouring country.

The Kurds do not hide the difficulties in halting the advance of the extremists, but requests for help are still unanswered.

Ankara attempts to remain on the fringes of this war to despair of the Kurdish community.

"If Turkey does not do nothing the situation will get worse. Let's watch the clashes across the country, people are dying and shops being destroyed. People have started to attack the police and the military. I think there may be a massacre "refers to a Kurd.

A massacre that for many, yet, can be avoided.

Pro-Kurdish demonstrations have been gaining strength from North to southern Turkey.

The clashes of the last night in Istanbul not caused fatalities, but dozens of people were eventually detained.

In just five days in Turkey were killed 31 people and around 400 were injured. Numbers that do not alter the position of the head of the Turkish Government.

"All of these leaders who walk with the rope around his neck should be aware that the Turkey does not allow itself to be intimidated by protests. We're not going to change positions "refers to Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The fall of Kobani threat lie on the ground the peace process between Ankara and the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers ' Party. The end of the negotiations may be announced next week.

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