quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2014

Spanish medical personnel or resignation of the Prime Minister about the case of Ebola

In Spain, the medical staff is exploiting the case of Ebola to protest against the cuts and ask for the resignation of the Minister of health.

The Carlos III hospital in Madrid, where he is being treated the nurse infected with the Ebola virus, has been the target of cuts and is in danger of closing.

After all, hospital workers ensure they're following all the safety rules: "our attitude, while medical staff, is to strengthen prevention measures, put our us in what we do and follow to the letter all the Protocol we were instructed," says a nurse at the hospital.

Public opinion undermines the conditions under which the two missionaries were treated infected who were repatriated to Spain. One of them gave the nurse who is now sick.

Says Juan Jose Cano, the nurses ' Union, SATSE: "ask for an investigation into this matter. Those responsible have to leave. If anyone has to resign, to resign. If anyone is responsible for this, to go away ".

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