sexta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2014

Syria: Islamists tighten the siege to the town of Kobani

The international military coalition bombardments fail to halt the advance of Islamist fighters over the town of Kobani Syria, near the border with Turkey.

The forces of the Islamic State will meet at this moment less than a kilometre from the city, defended by Kurdish militias, despite a new Western bombardment this morning.

In parallel, in Iraq, Islamist forces have launched two attacks on Thursday against two army bases that caused the deaths of 17 soldiers and 40 jihadists, according to Baghdad.

The progression of Islamists in Syria in recent weeks took more than 160 thousand Kurds to seek refuge across the border, in Turkish territory. At least 90% of the population of Kobani will have abandoned the city.

A Syrian refugee claims, "we came to this country where we are treated as prisoners. We have abandoned our land when winter is approaching and we're going to need supplies. We need international aid ".

The advance of the Islamists occurs at a time when the UN denounced the war crimes carried out by the Group Islamic State in Iraq, including summary executions, kidnapping and sale of women and recruitment of child soldiers.

The armed offensive caused more than 10 thousand killed in Iraq, causing nearly two million refugees.

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